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I will be tired as hell, but I'll be there at 11 PM (european time) on europe, op teamBWMN. I hope I won't be the only one-_-
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 07, 09 15:10
european time means CET? I try to be there..
2007, 07, 09 15:24
Yeah, CET is european time. It's GMT+1 i think. Will be there, but maybe a lil bit later.
2007, 07, 09 15:30
hm maybe i'll be at a all-you-can-eat asian restaurant :[
if not, i'm in.
2007, 07, 09 16:54
flo is fat :(
2007, 07, 09 17:36
No, but he will be!
2007, 07, 09 18:21
so, which days/hours is the channel active? i have been there a couple of times and only found the bot
2007, 07, 09 19:37
There is often nobody. I normaly join the channel around 10pm up to 1am CET. Sometimes i see somebody, mostly 7063 or Los)iq.Superi0r. maybe stay afk some minutes and do something different.
modified by ptar
2007, 07, 09 20:49
Nobody is ever there when I need testing help ><
2007, 07, 09 20:57
we played 1 2on2 and I had one 1on1 with flo. I upload replays to DB even though games were pretty low skill. but maybe someone enjoys them anyway-_-
2007, 07, 09 23:56
"so, which days/hours is the channel active? i have been there a couple of times and only found the bot"
On the bright side, half the time, there isn't even the bot in the channel!

Sorry I wasn't there guys, and that the bot's down again. My internet is chobo, and stealth is easily shaken for some reason.
2007, 07, 10 01:32
i have no problem with the channel being empty most of the time, but it would be good to have a time where you know there will be people there just to check out a map.
I can only play BW on weekends, so if anybody is willing to play one afternoon, say about the same time CW are played (21 CET? 17 -3GMT i think) we can get some people there and some games going.
2007, 07, 10 01:58
The problem is that people might be "there", but in game...
2007, 07, 10 11:07
well, they play pretty long games then...
2007, 07, 11 02:27
I ended up not being there depsite my promise to ptar
2007, 07, 11 21:55
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