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Nightmarjoo and his dumb competitions
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I still have yet to play the maps in the first one like I said I would, which is the only thing delaying calling flo's snow map the winner.

For the second, I am disapointed. Testbug's map I thought would turn out really well for the theme, but it hasn't, which makes me consider flo's map for that competition too. I've played flo's space map, and it really didn't feel like the theme, didn't give off the vibes I had hoped. I don't know what to do for the 2nd competition. I promised a conclusion to it by this sunday, don't count on it. The first one, I should be able to conclude by then though.
2007, 09, 15 02:31
Just close the competitions.

P.S. It's a beautiful day, yay :D
modified by flothefreak
2007, 09, 15 08:28
modified by flothefreak
2007, 09, 15 08:31
do you really believe they understand what you talking about ? -_- sorry but it was too invitingly.

i would add that maps wich cut out tactical maneuvers like rush, because there pathes are blocked with neutrals, are per se lower maps.a good/great map offers the entire lineup of tact. possibilities - not strangle/reduce them.and pos.balance always affect racial balance.

personally, i prefer rather a map with a minimal pos.imbalance, than one with blocked pathes or a weird/bad pathfinding.
2007, 09, 15 10:05
oh shit, i forgot my maps where there :S
i'll do the copy paste thing on end_fields today, no matter if doesn't win. just have an other unfinished map :(

sorry nightmarjooo, you still love me right?
soy'll see people on my map :)
bengallass people
2007, 09, 16 07:41
This post has been removed due to its context

MosQ the evil man
2007, 09, 18 02:05
Ya know, if you had less restriction on the number of players I would've tried to join in the second competition :)

Problem is I can't really make a (2) map, let alone 3 4 and more
2007, 09, 21 10:03
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