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So let's see if I got this right. Was Lost Tampon the first one to discover that you could place permanent spells on maps? Was Avatar the first map ever and the first map in this database to contain spells? If that is true how come "Osiris" has a map ID of 1888 while Avatar's map ID is 1907?

modified by Lancet
2007, 09, 23 17:23
No (4)Avatar was the first one. (4)Osiris was later edited by LT with a few dwebs.
2007, 09, 23 17:53
Thanks, but do you mean the first one ever or just the first one in this database? Do you know if LostTampon discovered this?
2007, 09, 23 18:01
ums mappers knew about it on SEN I believe.
2007, 09, 23 19:03
but avatar was the first map ever to discover it for melee gameplay. UMS wont haved used it as they dont need this exact type to work on melee anyway^^
2007, 09, 23 19:49
Let's say: The first one we know of.

There is always the chance that some unknown guy created a similar map without it becoming publicly known.
2007, 09, 23 20:53
I'd call it the first melee map with spells.
2007, 09, 23 22:10
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