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iCCup problems....
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I may be on the wrong forum......

I tried to get iCCup on my mac, and the join list is empty. When i asked them about this, they said the AH Launcher is not supported for mac. Has any mac user found a solution to play iCCup normally?
2008, 07, 08 14:25
Duh, wouldn't icc homepage -> forum -> technical issues be a better place to ask for this? I don't think that we have that many mac users here on bwmn, seeing as most are using SCMD2...
2008, 07, 08 18:15
i did try that, but that did not help.
2008, 07, 09 04:18
From the ICC forum:

its because there is no AH for mac. there is no way to fix it, other than iccup admins either giving us AH , or them changing it

Same thread:

No you can't play as usual. The join list is always empty (before AH got updated it worked fine T_T) and if you create a game nobody will see it in that list.

The only way to play to spam something like "D ME TERRAN NO PYTHON GO?" in the chat just to get some 8-0 Korean to own you :P

"NO PYTHON" because version 1.3 doesnt work on Macs >_<. Blue Strom doesn't work too, but at least it doesnt crash the game.

I miss the early days of ICCup, when I could play on all maps and could see the join list...
modified by spinesheath
2008, 07, 09 11:19
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