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Return of the King


I like both of them. Plasma is weird though and will never become popular.
2008, 08, 03 12:30
they try to encourage microplay a lot, the expos at rotk are pretty far from each other..

i also like both of them, plasma will produce some interesting games :0 penis
modified by Crackling
2008, 08, 03 13:20
Hi there Namja Iyagi.
Imo this seems quite p/t > z, and the islands will only increase that tendency - if they are used at all.

From that TL thread:
"The 4-player map 'Return of the King' is an evolution of the old 'Namja Iyagi' map, where the high-terrain center is expected to be the center of action. The valleys surrounding the mains and the 'backyard' island expansion usage are expected to be the primary factors of games on this map."

Well, in tvp/tvt/pvp that center could have quite some strategical value, less so in tvz/pvz and obviously it is irrelevant in zvz.

I don't think that these valleys will prove useful at all.
As a terran, you can't use them while there are mutas around or goons in the middle. Lurkers can be deadly as well. So you will most likely avoid going there.
As zerg you have to fear rines shooting from above or if you send an army through there your units will end up dripping through that corridor one at a time, easy to be picked off by anything. Protoss mostly has to fear tanks on the cliffs.
I personally would avoid using them whenever possible.
And I cannot disagree more with "'backyard' island expansion usage is expected to be a primary factor".
Zerg has no use for these islands, terran and protoss can use them when they feel like it, but the other expansions are worth a lot more and are not that hard to get either.

"Plasma is a 3-player island map with many zerg eggs (chrysalis?) blocking the different routes. It is theorized that the gameplay of the map will change game to game, depending on how the players destroy the eggs to open up new routes."

How insightful -.- Seems like a more ground-based version of Arkanoid. And I would definately choose terran.
2008, 08, 03 13:22
There is a new MSL map shown in the tl thread now. Kind of looks like spinel for 4 players Oo
2008, 08, 04 19:21
Return of the king is cool.

Plasma is ridiculous. What are those little things blocking choke points?
2008, 08, 04 20:53
2008, 08, 04 21:41
lurker eggs?
they stole my (3)Twilight temple(n).scx concept ;_;
2008, 08, 05 00:27
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