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Hmm... to me it seems as if panschk and SP stopped to be here night and day and after that some of the new maps havent even a cood comment on it to help the author improve his map. as for myself, i also can't comment every map and i'm a bit bored after it seems that some just don't respond or comment the whole day. Anyway, i will keep on making maps, for every game that comes up and be here to keep everything up to date, as far as possbile...

what`s about MOTW? no comments, almost no sugguestions? Small HP updates? There are hundreds of ideas in the feedback forums? ...

2005, 09, 25 14:53
well it takes so long for me to connect to the webhost to upload stuff, that's why i hate making small updates to the site. But I will do another update tomorrow!!! (I need to put some pressure on myself^^)
2005, 09, 25 23:28
i still does not have internet at home so i cant visit as much as i want :P you might have noticed my inacticity the last month :(
2005, 09, 26 11:35
Yeah, i miss you SP ^^ It`s just, i really love this page and the people here who post these great maps. It would be horrible to see this page starve to death over time. So keep up the work on it panschk, and we keep up commenting and doing competitions and stuff. GOGOGO :)
2005, 09, 26 15:35
Lets put alot more focus on the MotW for now then, since that is a event that actually lives :P
2005, 09, 26 16:23
true :) hope next is more active.
2005, 09, 27 15:50
btw who's your daddy? :D
2005, 09, 28 00:49
i just wondered how many people got admin access (that may be helpfull to now for MOTW articles and stuff)
2005, 09, 29 21:39
i have :)
2005, 09, 30 12:46
:P i bet panschk has access to ^^

Who else?
2005, 09, 30 15:52
hey, ahh is there any specific way I am supposed to join or do I just post lol, Ty
2005, 10, 04 01:31
guess not nvm
2005, 10, 04 01:32
yes, you can just post. That way you can just drop a comment if you are not a regular user without having to spend 5 minutes to this registration stuff.

2005, 10, 04 12:28
2006, 03, 30 03:49
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