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anyone know how long a adsl order takes to deliver in swe? until i get i-net at home im effectivelly wing-cut to operate on this site...
2005, 09, 16 16:03
i also feel like reducingmy commenting on maps since i feel im loosing the greater understanding of the game by not have played it for about 6 months now. However i will compensate that by consentrating more on cleaning the maplist. i will see that as my purpose on this page :9
2005, 09, 16 16:09
I don't know ;D

Imo your knowledge should not drop of that fast. Maybe it is even more fair when not playing actively, as you are not under the impression of your last TvP lose when commenting on an a map without ramp or something.
2005, 09, 16 17:24
hehe, true. I wasn`t a good player as i played active, but i know how the game works, and that after almost years of beeing away. Just stick to it, you're comments aren't such bad :P
2005, 09, 16 18:42
2006, 03, 30 03:49
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