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map lost?
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sry for making an extra thread for this, but I think I'm going crazy. I was looking badly for a map in the database, but I just can't find it T_T
I went 4 times trhough the DB, I think I'm going crazy.

which map was it?
it was jungle iirc, and the most striking thing about it was that at one natural, there was a large lake behind it, and a path that was going around this large lake. while on the other side, at the other natural there was a large clif-wall-formation instead, but with the same path leading all around it.
This was the most mentioned imbalance, because the naturals were differently vulnerable.

you know which map it was?
I looked through all jungle-maps, tt can't be that I missed it 3times oO
2005, 12, 06 14:58
Done - Ground Control.
2005, 12, 06 15:28
I remembered the center wrong and this map attracts the eye mostly on the center, so I skipped it 3 times^^

*cookie* for lis ;)
2005, 12, 06 15:36
2006, 03, 30 03:49
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