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Gogo showmatch tomorrow? :]

"mappack" would be a set of four maps we would like to test some more. For example:

star gates
home of the swarm (if there is a flo-update in time)

Or some others :]
2005, 12, 17 01:13
Test w/e you say but home of the swarm ... pleace we are talking about showmatch between Darki and ... someone else on his rank i guess. And btw i already give him the bwmn map pack, and tommorow he will be ready with the 3 maps that he will pick, and the date i guess... Mayby tommorow... who knows. I will post here as soon as i get some info.

About the map packs, i think it's better to do that in the third showmatch. I think now it's to late, after he is chosing right now in 17 maps, mayby test them i don't know... And now to say "hmm you will play on this 4 maps, they were not in the pack, but i guess it's not a problem, yes?"
2005, 12, 17 01:25
Oh sorry, I did not mean for darki. He will play on the old BWMN mappack, we don`t let our gosu showmatcher play unproven maps. I mean panschk vs LGI best of 7 or best of 9 :)
2005, 12, 17 01:36
Sure, we can do that but mayby tomorrow? Today i got some work to do, and i won't have time for so many games.
2005, 12, 17 08:33
say when you have time. So not today?
tomorrow I have clan league, so it should be early, maybe at noon or something?
2005, 12, 17 19:31
13:00 CET?
2005, 12, 17 21:33
yeah, should work
2005, 12, 17 21:58
Pan, i am very sorry, but i can't play today. My girlfriend is really sick, and now she is in hospital, and i will go for sure. She will be fine, but i can't let her alone. I will be able to play every day after 19:00 CET this week.
2005, 12, 18 09:58
2005, 12, 18 12:39
Why does this topic is named LGI???
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2006, 03, 30 03:49
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