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Original StarEdit
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I was wondering if there is a working original StarEdit that i can download from somewhere. Because i don't want to install the whole Star Craft Brood War at work, and i even don't know if they are going to let me...

It's just that there is some "holes" in my working time, and i want to fill them with making maps, so i need it...

I try this , but i wants storm.dll . And i don't know but i couldn't found one...
2005, 12, 28 12:44
Just install SC and disable the game and delete all the crap for the game except the stuff for star edit.

I'm pretty sure you can use SC Xtra editor 2.5 on base mode or something and it works the same as the original editor. Does it have to be the original editor ?
2005, 12, 28 12:57
for original staredit you need some .dll files in your sc directory
2005, 12, 28 15:15
If you know all the files that i need, can someone make a list or something? That way i could just mail the files from home to work.
2005, 12, 28 22:33
try to start with the ".dll" and the ".mpq" files.
they should be necessary for the editor in the first place. dlls because of the bw engine which is needed for running the editor, and mpq cuz they are the storage of all units and stuff, everything that's to be seen in broodwar.

however, that's only assumption, but it could work, quite probably.
2005, 12, 29 01:01
i think its storm.dll that is needed

try copy your staredit.exe to a different diectory and see what file the new copy needs to run when you try starting it.
2005, 12, 29 01:26
I try some tests with some files. Just forget it... It looks like that i won't make it, without a proper install.
2005, 12, 29 07:27
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