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Hey guys, I was just promoted to a DLDB Keeper at Main reason was to sort out and organize the melee downloads there since it's a complete mess. And since the screenshot upload thing is disabled, I am going to have to make images for every one of those maps. Is it alright if I use some map screenshots from this site (like mainly for the pro/classic maps)?
2006, 01, 10 04:43
sure.. we didnt make most of them ourselves anyway i guess.

For usermaps taken from this site it would be nice with the bwmn tag though, but you probably wont have any of those...
2006, 01, 10 05:30
Ok, main reason I asked was because I didn't want SEN to get into any trouble with image copyright issues or something like that. And I was also making sure with you guys that by doing this it wouldn't take too much of this site's bandwidth or anything :)
2006, 01, 10 05:38
This is an example of how I'm using this site's pictures:
2006, 01, 10 05:41
uh your site is so slow :p

i dunno about hotlinking - ill let panschk answer that. If you wanna take the pics and upload them yourself on SEN though its no problmen i guess
2006, 01, 10 14:40
Yeah, hotlinking could be a problem. I'd say upload them to SEN, but that's just me.

Also, could someone email me the bwmn watermark at ?
2006, 01, 11 02:36
The thing is uploading it to SEN is disabled. I tried to talk to the administration to enable it for the melee maps but they wouldn't listen.
2006, 01, 11 06:49
then i dont think you should bother with fixing their mapsection since they obviously doesnt care anyway.. its not like most of them have any idea of what makes a good melee mapsection anyways..
2006, 01, 11 09:58
I think I get 20 times as many hits as the SEN _melee map section_ anyway. So this little bit of traffic should not be a problem. If you really want to invest that many time now that BWMN exists and has the biggest database in the history of the univere might be a question though :O

Damn, I'm so cool, good looking, strong clever and _modest_.
2006, 01, 12 01:24
Well Panschk, someone at TL complained that he couldn't find the map Calm Breeze here. :P

Are we allowed to borrow maps from, say, the PGT Mappack? If we can, I could upload it any maybe some other maps here.
2006, 01, 12 03:07
calm breeze is over 250kb :/ Now that I changed the limit, someone could add it -_-
2006, 01, 12 18:01
Mushu, yeah you can. What do you think where I got all those pro maps from? Asking the author to make special BWMN version?^^
Just rename the file corresponding to the system here. Make sure the maps are not already in the DB first though.
2006, 01, 12 18:03
lol panschks first post owns me
2006, 01, 13 18:03
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