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first map ever
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a few mins ago I had a talk with LGI via ICQ
and we also talked about when we started mapping

and thus pushed me to search my HDD for my first maps^^

unfotunately, I can't find my _very_ first map. I only remember the structure, but it was 192, and thus had bad critics of size. so apparently, I deleted it. what a pity, wanna have it back^^
was 4-players, badlands, name: Tigerlands

so I guess I have to show my 2nd and 3rd map

2nd, first real "professional purpose" map:

3rd, I even uploaded it here once, about as old as the 2nd one^^:

gimme your first step with the editor^^
2006, 01, 15 22:47


Poppy was my first map, and Icy Paths of DOOM came shortly after. I remember thinking Icy Paths was a very good map back in the day. :O
2006, 01, 16 00:24
I don't remember my first map. I just have a map pack with 18 maps, that are cound as "my first", because they are on the same level, and they are made 2000-2002 i guess... My memory is short :)
2006, 01, 16 01:58
The map pack had maps like Cosma, Wizzy Noise... Such things, the first big map pack when i upload here, and then listoric delete them, because i was new and didn't know that so many maps uploaded at once would be a problem...

To be honest from the first time i tought that this site, only gathers maps, so i just give it as a gift. I didn't know that there is discussion about maps, and mappers try to improve them... So i was one step from leaving, because "My work has been done here" :P

Stupid story :)
2006, 01, 16 02:00
we were.. we collected promaps, but then good usermaps were added too and soon it became a discussion of what usermaps were good and which wasnt.. that lead to a small community -> today.
2006, 01, 16 02:29
LGI: you added 28 maps, I counted them myself :D
2006, 01, 16 10:20
Yeah LGI flooded us with maps, awesome ^^
2006, 01, 16 16:56
I created my first maps half a yaer after release i think, but they are all lost due to formatting and stuff. But they all looked somehow like LT oder Dire Strait clones, after i only played these two maps ^^
2006, 01, 16 16:57
lol that's so cool
I just found that 1st map mentioned above :D
my mistake was that it wasn't called "Tigerlands", but (now activate your memory cell 8]) "Forgotten Lands". and it was stored long ago on ;D

and it still was there, here's a pic of that 192 murder-work 8[.
100%-balance-guarantee included!

Free Image Hosting at
2006, 01, 16 19:27
oh god

my first map I had made on the second or third day of owning SC

I had no comprehension of the game yet...

god I don't think I need to go any further
2006, 01, 16 22:43
omg flo, this is like the biggest map ever created... ^^
2006, 01, 17 02:02
This thread is intresting. Although this isn't my first map(s)nor do I even remember what it was. They are some of the earlier ones I made. I mostly liked to modify commonly played maps more to my liking (smaller). I'll put them in chronological order earliest to latest.

- Image Hosted by

- Image Hosted by

- Image Hosted by

- Image Hosted by

- Image Hosted by

- Image Hosted by
2006, 01, 17 07:57
Shit I meant to post thumbnails. My bad.
2006, 01, 17 07:57
Oh yea map names :
Lost temple 96x96
Hunters 96x96
Mos Eisley Spaceport ( Don't ever jack this map name, I plan on remaking it eventually)
2006, 01, 17 08:00
lol that endurance and that junkyard were made for the imbalance contest, right?^^
2006, 01, 17 12:37
lol @ mini LT/hunters
2006, 01, 17 19:23
first map i made by myself was tiamat. then it was eden of aiur, then sad sad autumn, then spathic, then bridges to terebithia.

before that, i had modified a map that a korean had made, and then made a map for my friend drew a picture and was like "hey make this". then i modified boongees determination and now its lux aeterna.
2006, 01, 18 01:27
lol @ mini LT/hunters

awesome ^^
2006, 01, 18 13:44
haha , I could upload the maps if you guys want.
2006, 01, 19 07:20
Mini Lt and Hunters , that is.
2006, 01, 19 07:20
its ok, theyre mostly funny on the images :P
2006, 01, 21 12:42
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