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Too much Critisizm & Competition
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It feels this website should help us make maps better but what it really does is it makes people compete agiast each other, and really doesn't give good advice to help on each other's maps.

People here critisize too much and dont offer solutions, i wish people here can be more respectfull towards each other and actually work together to make everyones maps better.

I think the MotW tends to make people fight agiast each other for the spot and it isn't really a good thing. Because everyone would be critisize another persons hard made map instead of helping them improve it.
2006, 02, 23 18:42
well, if i say "the map has a too open natural" or "this cliff is overwhelming", it's of course criticism. but it's as well indicating the author that he should possibly make some changes
2006, 02, 23 19:22
Well some people bring this "me>you" attiude here. But actually most users just want good maps. Map of the week is competition, and that is ok. There will be more than one oppinion, and then some controversity ofc. As long as people do not get personal (some do unfortunatly) its okay to me.
2006, 02, 23 23:02
yeah .. good idea to bring this up.. i think ppl wuld do good to respect all map makers the same ... newb to gosu... it is tru tho that some ppl critisize but dont offer solutions.. we all should work on fixing that to help eachother.
2006, 02, 25 01:43
Yeah, that's somehow true. But you can't force people to comment and give the perfect criticism everytime. i remind people everytime i see a to short comment to point out the flaws with backed up facts, not with made up bullshit.

also, flo often is quite short with his comments, still he shows up flaws. i'm most of the time to long on my comments, and maybe i don't point them out as good as flo does.

just as a small comparison. ;)

in the end, every comment helps. Some just say "bad map", but actually the count of people who do this is very little. The "Gosu" mapmakers as you name them often show this respect and give a handful of advices.

also, we already wrote some articles reguarding the "standard mistakes" and standard tips. People just have to read through, but they often don't, which makes it hard to comment the same thing ever and ever again. I quite often post something like "i like it, but you have to look up "the gas issue" in the articles section and check your gas". Short after that "you updated the map but you did not update the gas, why?", followed by "why should i even edit the gas?". And then, the third post of me "because of imbalance, just put the gas on top or to the left".

Just think about how often i had exactly these three sentences, pointing out the exact same thing. And i'm not the only one. So, others may be quite short, still right.

It's a very nice community here imo. Everyone is helping, and everyone is giving different advices and ideas to maps. I really like that. Still, it's the author who finally has to decide if he follows the advics, f he thinks about them, if he changes his map to fit the ideas a bit, or exactly. It's still him who creates the map.

Actually i really like it being as it is here. It's not as it is on most map forums where veeryone is just having a +1 in mind and posting "Good work" "nice map" "i like it". And to be a bit competitive is just normal, and wanted.

Map of the Week is still a competition. But a competition where _normally_ everyone helped everyone during the development of his map. I for myself love to help others and to check their maps. Just discussed with flo about a new map of his over an hour.

Ah and, there can't be too much criticism, as long as it is backed up with facts. As another example i already posted as a comment into a mapthread. I craeted a map for Dawn of War, an other RTS game. Everyone was like "omg wtf, this is great, wow, awesome map". And only one guy was like "it's good, but i want more cover in the center". First time i read this, i just thought "what an idiot, where shall i put the extra cover, he couldn't even back it up with a fact, he jsut WANTS more cover... wtf?!". But hours later, i knew what he was talking about or what he had in mind maybe. I found some more spots ot add cover, change the layout of the map because of these spots a bit, and in the end, the map was way better than i thought in first place.

So, i just want to quote panschk as a nice ending:
"As long as people do not get personal, its okay to me."
modified by Listoric
2006, 02, 25 04:01
Can some translate all this into 5 words? It's 5:00 AM damn it!
2006, 02, 25 04:14
dont get personal, otherwise ok.

modified by Starparty
2006, 02, 25 15:35
+ "i'm most of the time to long on my comments..." X)
modified by Listoric
2006, 02, 25 15:50
flo roxx, third word, forth word, fifth word!
2006, 02, 26 10:55
that was 8 words...
2006, 02, 26 13:32
"third word" is a random substitute :o
2006, 02, 26 14:20
Sometimes competition is the best way to get better at making maps. When competing with people, you have this mindset where you want to make a map that's better than others. That's sort of how it works in the real world; businesses competing with other businesses by making better and better products. If there's no competition, why would there be any need to make our products better?
2006, 02, 26 20:27
err, well i like the motw thing shouldn't change that, but what get out of hand is just the critisizm, like there was this one guy who commented on my map and just said "T map"
and didn't leave any explaination or anything, i find that preaty insulting, unless they would explain why.
2006, 02, 27 07:11
actually, if someone writes a comment like that - he's a dumbnut. If there really is a problem, someone will tell you what it is. Anyway "T-map" is always a map with:

a) too small paths
b) too many droppositions
c) stuff like a t-map has i want to breakfast and i wont go into more detail now :P
2006, 02, 27 15:18
yah, and if it is obvious, you don't wanna write some long text
2006, 02, 27 19:32
Yeah, but if the person doesn't know how to fix it, you should either post an explanation or not post at all.

But Sky, here's the deal, I'll just tell you this. There are some people you should listen to on this site, and some you shouldn't. If it's not a comment that is helpful, ignore it. But keep in mind that mean comments may also be helpful.
2006, 02, 28 01:22
u r all noob map makers -.-

my maps > yours gg no re
2006, 03, 01 07:36
Boongee LUEser!
2006, 03, 03 04:23
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