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Sorry guys, but i have to quit map making. I just don't have any time to do that, and i don't think i will have any time in near future. Sure i will check the site when i have time, but the true is that i don't have the time to be in front of the PC or better say in my own home for more then an hour a day.
2006, 05, 29 11:29
Yeah, GL with reallife. It's quite the same here, i'm totally concentrated on Dawn of War and only come here some minutes a day. Anyway, hope to see you here every now and then.

Love ya <3 :D
2006, 05, 29 11:33
the official sign-out thread

You all know where to find me...
2006, 05, 29 11:51
Well my last map is month old. But I still want to play maps from time to time;)

I hope we dont lose contact completely though.
2006, 05, 29 13:05
Looks like we need a new set of mappers to move up! Hope to be part of them, and I'm pretty sure Valkyrion, Nastymarine and Arden will step up for the challenge. That doesn't mean you can just do nothing! One map every two months at least! ^^
2006, 05, 29 14:49
no need to be sorry ;)

have fun whatever you do in life
2006, 05, 29 14:55
LGI isn't quitting this site. He's just quitting making starcraft maps.
2006, 05, 29 16:36
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