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End of Arden?
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I have to admit that I've been cheating on SC with DiabloII =/ (Nasty knows this). I've been so absorbed in Diablo, that I've completely lost interest in making maps. I would love to produce an oscar winning masterpiece, but I just don't have the time anymore. You won't be seeing many new maps out of me from now on. I may have a slight change of heart and decide to make one, but there will be_very_few. I hope you guys can understand... (although some of you just plain don't care XD).

**I will still be active on this site, and I may post a MOTW or two, so don't count me out completely ;). I'm not going to pull a Starparty...
2006, 06, 23 06:31
"I'm not going to pull a Starparty..."

LOL ouch! but i do understand interests change and thats not a bad thing at all. its good that u will stay active! do ur thing man! im sure ull find interest in making maps etc sometime in the future! and if not, i will persuade u to do so other wise!!!! :D
2006, 06, 23 06:44
ogmgomgomg i was playing diablo II from march to early june, but i quit and gave all my itrems to randoms... If i knew it !!!! ( was playing LOD-LADDER though )
2006, 06, 28 23:11
Yeah, I'm on US.East Ladder. In my opinion, there's no other way to play ;).
2006, 06, 30 03:38
I used to be addicted to Diablo 2. It started Christmas 2005 and ended a couple months back. So much life wasted... well, I traded all my stuff for GW gold (sweet!) since I had pretty much done everything in the game, and now I'm bored as hell playing guild wars. So I create/play starcraft maps to further use up time that I could be spending curing cancer or solving world hunger.
2006, 07, 01 18:45
lol awesome haha
2006, 07, 01 18:49
I solved world hunger like 3 years ago, I just didn't tell anybody...
2006, 07, 03 04:13
Arden, diablo II pretty much killed my social life.
2006, 07, 23 20:36
try wow, that is social suicide.
2006, 07, 24 13:30
no, you can still get a girlfriend and marry her ingame! you dont even have to leave your house!
2006, 07, 24 17:47
2006, 07, 24 18:27
diablo freaks...

mmorpgs ruin lives. plus they are a waste of everything!

although u can make real money from selling items on ebay to diablo freak nerds ^^
2006, 07, 27 03:24
i agree with effect, mmorpg just sux
i only play rpg offline
2006, 07, 27 09:23
rpg on line = fun but addicting and damaging.

rpg offline = wow you must be easily amused :p
2006, 07, 27 16:37
actually i play rarely, the often playing would be deadly boring i think ^^

i spend most of my time on the computer handling with sc (national scene, organizations, mapmaking <3)
2006, 07, 27 17:43
Imo the two greatest rpgs (for the computer), Oblivion/Morrowind, both are great, and Angband (google it, unless you're a lotr nerd you've probably never heard of it), and both games are offline, and make getting a good PGT record very dificult.
2006, 07, 28 12:17
rpgs can be fun offline wtf, most rpgs are offline LOL.

im more of a halo, kill-em-all guy anyway. rpg=too much time on your hands.
2006, 07, 29 05:12
City of Heroes freakin' pwns man!
though it is a mmorpg, i'd recommend playing it!

it killed me for a few months so i just stopped paying for it lol.. that helped ^^
2006, 07, 30 07:07
my addicts are turn-based strategies such as civ, heroes or total war, i really dont recommend anyone to play it or he could find himself spending 16 hours a day before his pc :D
modified by Antares
2006, 08, 01 00:12
i like to collect nice things in wow
2006, 08, 04 08:24
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