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Mizilla Firefox
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I don't know whats wrong but every time when i am in the "Newest updates" category of the site and there is a scroll left and right which is REALLY ANOYING! If there is a way to shrink something on this category it would be great. The other part of the site fits in one window and it's ok.

I bet it's because of a long name or something. So if it's possible to make this name on two rows it would be nice.
2006, 09, 18 08:22
Everything is fine for me, and I am a Firefox User as well...
2006, 09, 18 11:42
depends on your screen resolution. what strechtes the side is the line of pages. it is longer than the page is wide, so it enlargens it all.
2006, 09, 18 17:15
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