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Clan BA Tourney
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Where: Op L3a @useast
When: 29/9/06 7pm EST
Description: First in clan Banished Angels tourny all welcome. BO3 Final BO5 Maps: WGT13- Rush Hour III WGT13- Dahlia of Jungle WGT13- Ride of Valkyries WGT13- Bifrost lll WGT13- Sin Gaema Gowon Notice! Rush Hour III is first map in each match, loser picks next map. Download for each map:

who:Anyone who shows up until it starts. If you want considered for the brackets in advanced please say so here so we have an idea of how many people will be playing.
2006, 09, 26 02:13
Hey what's this...? No BWMN maps TT
2006, 09, 26 12:04
that's poor
2006, 09, 26 21:17
we plan on hosting a second tourney with bwm maps, but wanted some recognition of more people, and unfortunately people seem to like the imbalanced pro maps better than bwm's awesome maps.
2006, 09, 26 21:20
Oh and for the bwm tourney please give recomendations for what maps to use.
2006, 09, 26 21:21
Arena, Atma, greedy weakness, fissure, desert flower!(lol), thats some to start..
2006, 09, 27 02:16
we're redoing the tourney on wednesday since no one showed up for the the first one TT

the maps will be all bwm maps, I have yet to pick them.
2006, 10, 01 06:04
Ok as of now the maps I am considering include:

(2)Velocity by Arden(WOF)
(4)Allegiance by flothefreak
(2)Trench Warfare by flothefreak
(4)Scorpion Desert by Antares
(4)Sacred Grounds 2.0 by MilleniumArmy
(4)Old Town by noname
(2)Interception by Starparty
(2)Avalon by Arden(WOF)
(8)Twin Blood Bath by Bug_Bomber_Boy & EviL(V)agicLord

please give comments on this list
2006, 10, 02 07:15
dont like Avalon, and trench warfare. played on both. they are big, and boring
2006, 10, 02 17:41
Your message
2006, 10, 04 07:16
so... is it gonna happen
2006, 10, 05 01:30
Not happening, lost my internet again...
2006, 10, 05 09:56
of course you can use it, but dont trust my map's observer version, because it could be buggy, i will check it out
2006, 10, 05 14:19
ok internet back, here's hoping I keep it. We'll set a time for the tourney if we get players. Please say something here, and ask your friends too. The maps as of now are Velocity* Allegiance, Scorpion Desert, Sacred Grounds, Old Town, and Interception.

*I made a new version of Velocity; the mineral formations were buggy so I redid them to work better -.-
2006, 10, 08 03:34
scorpion desert observer version neeed to work now, otherwise im glad that you put my map into the pool :)
2006, 10, 08 21:08
heh well I need players before I can have this tourney. No one seems to show an interest in playing... t.t
2006, 10, 09 00:24
Ill play...
2006, 10, 12 00:49
I will also call Slayers Boxer to join us :P
2006, 10, 12 12:49
thx a bunch guys, you have no idea how much it means to me and clan BA :D
2006, 10, 12 16:51
Thanks for the invite, LGI.
2006, 10, 13 00:12
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