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Figured that given I've been skimming the site for maps and such for the last few weeks, that I really ought to drop in and say hi ;)

I'm not a terribly good player, but if anyone would actually want to play me some time, I could drop my contact info in here :) Though I've a feeling it'd be an easy win for whoever played me (all the replays I've seen, the players have more skill than I do so ^^ )

So yeah. Heya :)
2006, 10, 04 12:37
:D welcome welcome

don't let the more experienced mappers scare you,a nd submit some of your work :)

most of us give good constructive comments and will help you improve maps / ideas.

welcome welcome :D
2006, 10, 04 12:38
Ah, see...I've never actually tried making any maps. I've not got much talent for artwork and making maps seems similar ^^

But, I've tried out several of the maps on the site and liked most of them, just felt polite to drop by and say hi and so on and so forth :)

I mean I could certainly *try* making a map, but it would suck. Badly. :)
2006, 10, 04 14:27
cool, i really appreciate that you want to play our maps :)
do you have ICQ? i recently started playing some single games again. add me if you want: 154528871
2006, 10, 04 17:12
I have MSN and AIM, but I could look into getting ICQ if you don't have either :)

And despite what I said earlier, I found myself staring at staredit earlier...just don't expect much if I ever finish a map :D
2006, 10, 04 18:40
haha, we all started out bad ;)

my advice, start with space tileset, a 2 player map, mirror things, and keep to straight lines :D

easiest way to learn the basics. when u got to the basics, continue with non-straight lines etc.

gl ;)
2006, 10, 04 18:44
5pool started mapmaking this way, i remember his first map.. it was horrible on looks and there were many sticky things, but no look at paradise lost and see a vastly improve :P

i begin mapmaking with some sort of trash that i didnt and will never upload here, but some of my odd ideas still come from these maps..

its not hard to learn mirroring, symmetry is a harder thing to master
2006, 10, 04 21:52
Cenerae, I'm horrible at artsy stuff too, but mapping is definitely an art form, and you don't need to be good at anything else to do it. Try it, it's very cathartic :D.
2006, 10, 04 21:58
I'm always on West on friday and weekends. My SN is MuShuPork and my aim is eilanzo. We can play BWMN maps sometimes.
2006, 10, 04 23:34
hehehe, its true panschk :P

just do what you like, try ideas, but never upload them lol. as long as your willing to learn and improve / perfectionize your maps you will do fine :D
2006, 10, 05 04:05
Talking about map makers who improved a lot look at tktkvroom. Er although recently his maps have been not his best, but whatever ^^

And hey look at my first maps if you want to know what not to do in a map. Many people start with playable maps, I didn't ^^

My early maps are rediculous. Like, I've tried to improve them and make them playable, but to keep the original concept would mean to keep it unplayable =/
2006, 10, 05 22:11
well i looked at TKTKVROOM"s earlier maps. doesnt look like improvement to me ><
2006, 10, 05 23:13
lol >< well they lack the positional and many of the racial imbalances his first ones had^^
2006, 10, 06 01:04
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