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Awesome Terrain
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just some amazing things still being thought out. Just look at these screenshots of a abandoned RPG. Just amazing. I myself am getting into RPGs atm and if any1 would like to participate, i could sure use the help. I'm aiming toward this type of stuff.

truly amazing. i found this through theres a competition going on for the best new concept for terrain editing on badlands tileset. And these were examples of stuff ppl are still doin. its just really really cool to see stuff like that.
2006, 12, 02 00:37
Blizzard should see this :) . I think it's time for a new StarEdit. Enough whit the little tiles who are catching your eyes. It's time for a smooth look.
2006, 12, 02 01:40
what the fuCK?
2006, 12, 02 02:11
lol looks really nice, now how to apply them to real maps :)
2006, 12, 02 09:53
That's stuff made by DEAD (changed his name recently to Gigins) and some other guy for some futuristic RPG map.
It actually is really blocky and certainly not to be used in melee.

Btw, the competition is about a cityspace in badlands, not just anything in badlands.
modified by spinesheath
2006, 12, 02 12:09
Most of those pictures that he linked to are not very blocky they are very creative and could definitely be used in the creation of melee maps. The way the korean leagues are going these days the new innovative maps are what are being used to keep the games fresh and new.
2006, 12, 13 22:13
Well, if you can't see the blockiness... ok, the latter two are better, but not the first 3.
And if you use anything from these screens in a melee map except for decoration, well... your problem.
2006, 12, 13 22:28
yee some fresh terrain arts, but badlands is not for human taste, desert or ice are much better ones :)
modified by Antares
2006, 12, 16 20:25
Anyone up for making a new RPG or UMS game with me? I got some really fresh ideas if anyone is down.
2006, 12, 16 22:25
Why posting this here? I suggest to go to SEN.

Or, if you are confident in your mapping skills, you might try to join BlizzSCUMS on (Starcraft Maps and Customs development). There is less activity at Blizzforums, and we from BlizzSCUMS are... not very productive at the moment (I for example have very limited time, and it's similar for out other members), but to compensate for that: The noob-ratio is not as high as it is on SEN :p

I have a huge RPG project going on, but as mentioned before, I am short of time, and probably will only make significant progress after january next year.
2006, 12, 16 22:42
The fourth one is especially cool.

It's a shame, too: blizzard could implement this stuff in an upgraded map editor so easily.
2006, 12, 18 22:18
Blizzard could, certainly. But no better than SCMD2/SF does it. So... Blizzard will not do so. They will only (hopefully) fix hacking issues (and maybe some more comfort stuff like mouse scroll in game selection, but I doubt that), everything else is up to the community now.
2006, 12, 19 14:10
Imagine using this in a melee map:
2007, 04, 12 21:37
2007, 04, 12 21:42
Care to mention that this is a product of MY boredom? :p
2007, 04, 12 21:48
is that really yours?
2007, 04, 12 22:08
Guess so. At least that photobucket account seems so familiar, as well as the fact that the topic at SEN was started by me :p
2007, 04, 12 23:08
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