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Next Gen
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The new Next Generation consoles are out in most places. Any of you have the systems? Personally I love Nintendo, and i got the Wii a few weeks ago. I work at a gaming store, and we've got several calls about the PS3 overheating and the one we have out for demonstration overheats alot. what do you guys think? So far XBox360 is doing the best b.c of its release date and the amount of games. But the Wii is by far the most innovative and fun. I've played the new Zelda, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty etc.. and they are just so cool on the system. what do u guys think?
2006, 12, 04 18:06
Alway only Nintendo consoles. They only games that would imo be a reason to get one of the other consoles are the FF series. All the other games are either trash or can be played on PC as well, which makes it overall a lot cheaper.

Though I won't afford a Wii anytime soon, I am getting Twilight Princess for my GCN. I was totally surprised that it was released for two consoles of the same company (well Zelda for anything non-Nintento would be awful :p ). Never saw that before.

I would really like to play SSBBrawl, but a Wii plus 4 controllers (dunno which controllers you need for Brawl anyways) is just too much for me, even though it is so much cheaper than the PS3 (another plus).
2006, 12, 04 19:42
What do i think? I think that you should read the greadest comic every! No really i am not kidding, i've never red anything that good before. I've red everything from this page and i can't live whitout it :(

After one hour of reading you will understand what am i talking about :)
2006, 12, 04 20:43
As of right now, wii will do alot better than the PS3. But in the long run, I think PS3 might dominate all...

But nonetheless, i grew up with nintendo, so I'm gonna try to get the wii this christmas
2006, 12, 05 20:26
I want the wii so badly and I hope to get one soon, Twilight Princess looks too awesome to pass up, and I'm not buying it for Gamecube. The new DBZ game looks interesting too.
2006, 12, 07 21:16
I'm gonna go with the Wii. I was in the Nintendo Club when I was around 8 XD
2006, 12, 08 00:11
w00t w00t Wii Wii!

yea the wii def is the most fun.
2006, 12, 08 18:36
i am on the internet browser 4 the Wii atm... its pretty damn cool. Wii ftw!
2006, 12, 23 02:46
Sauth Park ftw
2006, 12, 23 17:28
Soo... I don't care about the next gen now... Twilight Princess is a great game even on GCN, I am completely satisfied with that at the moment. And it's not like I had the time to complete it soon ;)

Really impressing what they got out of the GCN graphics-wise...
2006, 12, 26 17:22
i got the nintendo DS, and it is fucking sick. wireless/wifi really makes it surpass all handhelds at the moment. you can hook up 8 people wireless in a 30 feet region with no lag o.o
2006, 12, 28 17:31
I got away from Handhelds. All those things with those tiny displays annoy me (Mobile Phones just as well, mine is a good old one, doesn't even have vibration alarm - or whatever I should call it)
2006, 12, 28 23:56
DS is double screen though, it has big enough display. I dont have a phone so i dont know how annoying they are though id imagine they would be
2006, 12, 29 01:21
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