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what do you guys think?
2006, 12, 31 21:58
I am missing information about the author. Fine that they tell me who submitted it, but it doesn't mention the autor anywhere (except it is written somewhere else, but there is no mandatory "author" attribute)

Has a nice layout, you can probably find maps quite fast there - as long as the number of maps stays low.
2007, 01, 01 00:20
I love how they called their OT-forums:D
Left Brain - Right Brain - No Brain

For melee map database they can't compete with us, but they focus is on UMS anyway I'd guess.

Link exchange could be done maybe?

edit: happy year 2007 to all - Let's see what kind of strange bugs appear on this site now that the date switched to a new year :D
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 01, 01 00:33
well it seems ok, but broodwarmaps is still the place to go for non-ums mapping :)
2007, 01, 01 07:04
That site is mostly for UMS and making UMS maps. They said that their focus was to work with other mapping sites, so while they do have a small melee section, their main focus is UMS.
2007, 01, 01 11:24
well seems to have a nice layout, but there is not much to tell because they will implement more features in the near future

btw bwmn ftw!
2007, 01, 01 12:01
2007, 01, 01 23:38


but really.
2007, 01, 02 00:42

News section - ok.

Forum - ok. They should split the forum where people are uploading their finish maps, because now it's Melee and UMS, and when people like me who don't care about UMS are entering this forum and see 95% of them UMS and the other 5% of melee maps will be hard to find in future. So UMS forum Melee forum.

File section - great.

Wiki - ?

Maps DB - Not ok... At melee maps it sucks that you can't put the map author. It also sucks that there is no GMCS. There is no "upload replay for this map" And the most important thing. NO COMMENT SECTION!
2007, 01, 03 08:03
yea no comment section is wack.. thats prolly the worst part about it. It seems disorganized when u look at the map description etc.
2007, 01, 03 18:00
It is official that Maplantis will become an UMS map making site! good or bad they did mention us :)

"Where will I go if I like Melee Mapping?
Broodwarmaps remains to be the #1 source of melee mapping. They've done a great job with their database, complete with taking screenshots. People discuss melee mapping there and it continues to be an excellent place for that. is also a great place to hang out with other melee map makers. Blizzforums also has a mapping forum where there are plenty of great people willing to play your map."

That was from "Tau" whom of which posted the news about their conversion to ums only. It's a pity, cuz i really was impressed by the auto image system they have there :P

the site has more potential than that.. now its more one dimensional.
2007, 01, 05 05:31
"Alright well, listen. We don't know what meleers and modders would like. We want something innovative, new, and useful or we won't bother doing it if its just a ripoff of what someone else wants. I'll consider bringing them back if:

- They are both innovative, new, and useful for people with those interests, and also attractive for those getting into it.
- People continue to ask for things and keep it active. Don't let the sections die.
- Suggestions on what the pro melee mapping crowd and somehow indexing pro maps without administration intervention.

Basically, you guys ask for things on how maplantis should go about supporting these sections. If I'm satisfied that it'll bring interest into those sections, I'll do it."

From "Tau" at Maplantis.. It seems they are rethinking about taking out the melee section..

I dont want to see another map making home for the SC community fall.. so lets help them out! give them feedback in the newspots they've made recently about it. Or leave feedback here and i shall get back to them about it. lets support them!
2007, 01, 05 07:40
The website is not bad but offers nothing to someone like myself. Ignoring the blatant stupidity of some (lol kingof8playermaps) and bm of others (Nastymarine is so mean to poor mosq ;D^^)
2007, 01, 07 09:06
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