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okay, deadline thing was no new bug. You just have to make sure the date has EXACTLY this format:
I stored the date as a string instead of the timestamp. Really stupid, and that is why we have so often bugs that have to do with dates :X

btw I'm online again, trying to fix the most painful new bugs I invented :O
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 01, 09 23:10
competitions works now for me :)
Maps-admin works now too, nice work panshck :D
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 01, 09 23:14
i even improved maps admin: now the actual files gets deleted when you delete or update a map. That wasnt the case before, thats why I asked ppl to not put version numbers in the map file name.

There is still significant work to do: for some maps there are 10 or more versions wasting space on my webspace. Sorting them out manually would be very tiresome, I hope I can write a script that does that for me...
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 01, 10 00:25
When you edit a map now does it remove the old one too now?
2007, 01, 10 00:47
yes it does.

hm I want to move the whole content and also the map files to the domain. That would look more professional in the URL, and it would save me a lot of space. Also updates would be easier to make when my FTP-client doesn't have to list ~ 10,000 mapfiles before I can start uploading stuff. I think I know how to do that now...

That would take more than one day though, and it will destroy all direct link to map files in any forum post at, but even here. That's the downside....

Anyway, like I said before, that would be part of a bigger update coming no sooner than mid march.

LGI: I will add replay-deleting possibilies tomorrow, and that will probably be the last non-bug-fixing change in the next two months.

Note: forum page counting should be on point now.
2007, 01, 10 01:48
yes it is great job panschk
2007, 01, 10 02:04

replay deleting now possible (if you are logged in with admin rights, you'll see red X in the replay list, click on them to delete)

editing a newspost should be encouraged, you can click on "edit" directly on the main page to do so.

Well I did add a link to tournaments on the left side, but I lack motivation to do more than that about it atm.

unless someone sees a major bug or security hole, I consider the updating finished for now!
2007, 01, 10 11:04
Cool, thx dady!
2007, 01, 10 11:22
deleting and updating maps can be done without going to the admin area now (when logged in as admin)

That was really the last update :P
2007, 01, 10 12:53
COOOOOL! You rox, dady :)
2007, 01, 10 12:57
I keep looking around the site and finding new things you've added, this is really nice, thx DADY :)
2007, 01, 11 02:26
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