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I have my internet back, and I'm still on spring break. Time/channel/server for gaming anyone? My aim is The64man, msn is, and my current active name is on west, Smaug[HCFM].
2007, 04, 12 06:11
Message me on MSN and we will play ~_~
2007, 04, 12 12:35
if you're on SPRING BREAK, what the hell do you wanna do at your pc?
2007, 04, 12 12:48
flo, if you're at your computer, what the hell do you wanna ask other people personal (and seemingly degrading) questions for?
2007, 04, 12 23:29
He's got a point :p Never judge people on the internetz ^^
2007, 04, 13 12:43
because tittis beer sun and beach beat every pc game easily? besides, i only spend little time on my pc. these reps for illusion were one grand effort i probably wont repeat due to the good weather.
2007, 04, 13 13:48
just say date/time and lets play
i want to test some maps :)
2007, 04, 13 19:09
flo is insecure about being a nerd!

idk about you but sunlight hurts my eyes, and my attic has the same weather outside, and it's been 40s farenheit all week anyway, too hot for me already.

LostTampon, when's a good time for you on saturday? Anytime after 3 EST, I think that's 22 CET should be good for me, hope that's not too late for you...

Flo, I have school normally, and little time to play/test maps, and I feel testing is important, it helps bwm, and it's no sacrifice for me to test maps instead of playing on boring luna. There's nothing to do where I live anyway. Only thing I'd be doing outside is riding my bike, but I don't do that alone, and the guy I usually bike with hasn't fixed his bike yet.
2007, 04, 13 19:36
nightmarjoo, dunno if i have time on saturday, but we could play on sunday, because im not a league player and i have some time there i think :)
2007, 04, 13 20:15
lol alright, I'll try and do my homework saturday then so I have sunday free :)
2007, 04, 13 20:41
2007, 04, 14 01:14
freak :P
2007, 04, 14 01:22
ugh sorry I couldn't play you LostTampon, my latin alone took me from 4 to 11:30 on sunday, and I was busy on saturday =/
2007, 04, 18 07:28
yeah np :)

Non vitae, sed scholae discimus.
2007, 04, 18 18:42
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