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Man i've been drunk all week and drunk as i speak.
and the most stupid thing is that im still up and on a website dedicated to ONE game and only about maps.. indeed i find some indication that this game is hooked to my life in some good way and bad way. I have love/passion for creativiness and competition but have an all out addiction to it. Its almost unreal. All i kno is that i love this shit,. But im drunk so it doesnt matter. and im about to spit game to some chick.

ps i dont know why im typing so good im amazed.
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 04, 13 08:31
lol sc is great. You should get less drunk though so you can test maps with me sometime -.-
2007, 04, 13 10:06
Rumors say that you get more creative when you are drugged
i can confirm that
2007, 04, 13 11:57
My experience tell me that the opposite is the case. At least for people like me.
2007, 04, 13 12:43
lmao I played on a hang over once & my goon micro was fucking unstopable
2007, 04, 13 15:16
I like doing vulture vs zeal micro drunk. It's so hard. When I play SC drunk I just end up yelling a lot.
2007, 04, 14 02:22
hehe, i want to see you playing drunken bw ^^
2007, 04, 14 23:43
oh red wine
you make me feel so fine
you stop the time
you have to be mine

oh red wine
you take me through the black line
you lengthen my life
you should be my wife

oh red wine
thrillin and driftin all nite
i run amok, but thats fine
my groove is so high

wine, wine
oh red wine
thrillin and driftin all nite...

2007, 04, 15 10:57
hehe nice poem :)
2007, 04, 15 20:07
Hi yo all! drunk again! :D

I was thinking about quiting SC today. it hurts my studies, and my thought in general :/ I think about SC alot perhaps too much. I think in order for me to keep mapping or in general playing SC, i need to prioritize (is that how you spell it? im not too sure :O) LIFE > GAMES. If any of you feel the same way then u should prolly stop playing sc. Cuz Im pretty close to stop playing etc.. for the fact there is more to do than just basically gossip over playing a game (maps or actually gaming) etc :P
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 04, 18 05:30
whatever. you'll come back to sc, you can't quit for real =/
2007, 04, 18 05:37
Yay drunk rant!
2007, 04, 18 06:38
no rant. it was very thought about before i drank. :/
2007, 04, 18 06:43
2007, 04, 18 07:27
well, i quit bw already (meaning that i play it only very seldom nowadays)
but i didnt quit making maps
2007, 04, 18 18:51
no i was talking about both :/
2007, 04, 18 20:12
If you occasionally play SC or watch some shit in the TV, really, nobody does "useful" stuff all the time. What is this "useful", anyways...?
I do what I want to do, and I'm doing fine.

Imo playing SC is by far better than watching TV, especially talkshows and stuffzorz (SC needs/has speed, skill, creativity, manner, friends, action, lots of good stuff). But I'd never choose SC over my friends ;)
modified by spinesheath
2007, 04, 18 23:03
*Drunk again* :o :D :) :P
2007, 05, 23 06:29
hahaah you're fucked up nastymarine :)
But your dedication is <3
2007, 05, 29 04:42
2007, 05, 29 04:57
when im drunk i didnt really want to comment on bwmn drunk threads ^^

there is something wrong with you nasty :)
2007, 06, 02 11:16
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