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imba mainbases seem to be the new trend nowadays, looking through some mapdori and famat maps -.-

do you remember that OLDOLDOLD spacemap of mine with the 4 different locations? you made me delete it instantly :<
2007, 06, 11 20:35
I think most of the korean make maps just for design. Of course there are some realy good ones, but the most ones just look fine and lack of balance.
modified by ptar
2007, 06, 11 20:38
And most Germans generalize everything based on race ;)
2007, 06, 11 22:24
its right tho. when i spoke to mapghost. he admitted that many koreans build maps based on design and not in-game requirements.
2007, 06, 11 23:28
but they get used in pro leagues where it is all about money 8(
2007, 06, 11 23:42
Apparently the maps that get into the proleague are decided by "pro" mapping teams, that very few amateur maps get in, and if they do it's because the board of mapping or w/e voted on it or something and agreed to use it; or maybe it came to rose.of.dream's turn and he said "well I've been lazy about mapping so instead of using my map this time, let's use some random amateur map, how about this one..."

so it sorta works how wgt did where bill307 said hey let's use chameleon!!!1
2007, 06, 12 00:27
and im pretty sure that the map team doesnt get paid a dime.
2007, 06, 12 08:22
But SaviOr gets paid so it's ok right? :)
2007, 06, 12 23:35
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