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Hey by now most of you know im training to be a better SC player... I have a problem, no one on SC plays at my level anymore, and when I host a map saying its for newbs only a pro walks in and owns me for his record. My clan is too damn useless to help and team iM is always afk.
2007, 06, 17 16:45
what kind of player or level are you? race etc?
2007, 06, 17 18:33
I am a zerg. I dont have a level, however my record sux. I dont know how to define my "type"
2007, 06, 17 19:25
Well, if you still are having trouble against comps, it's going to be hard to find a training partner. Those that "own you for his record" probably aren't pros either. There is a very large scale of skill levels...

I am trying to get out how I made the jump from owned-by-comp to newb (it actually was a jump, a sudden rise in skill)...
I think I was reading tons of articles about strategies and watching replays...

But at first, try to get them computers stomped. A single comp should be no problem, then you can try to win a game on bnet (TRY; when you can beat 3 comps that does not mean that you stand a chance online, but you will get a better grip on the game).

I suggest that you switch your race for now - for a beginner, p usually is better. Zerg requires quite some experience in eco/unit balance actually. Then make sure that you use the keyboard as much as possible. I'd suggest that you learn to use the F2-F4 keys as well - I didn't use them in the beginning and now I can't get to use them no matter how much I try... (those are for saving a screen position).
Proper hotkey usage includes:
Building units by their hotkeys
Starting upgrades etc. with hotkeys (another one that I rarely use TT)
Hotkeys for attack move, patrol, hold position
Assigning team numbers to units and buildings;
there are hundreds of styles how to assign team numbers; usually every player has his own style, switching that style is pretty hard (I did this once...)
I (now) prefer having my units labeled with the team numbers 1,2,3,... and my buildings from the other side: 0,9,8,... Other styles try to have the team numbers close to some hotkeys, so units close to 'a', nexus close to 'p' and so on. Choose whatever you find suitable, as long as you are still learing you can switch your style easily ;)

Well, this won't make you beat people on bnet already, but it is the base of SC. "Pros" that don't use hotkeys are VERY rare...
2007, 06, 17 23:27
lol I want to use the F keys but I never taught myself too and as zerg I think it slows my macro =/

I had dial-up, = a lot of playing comps when I first had sc. I spent my internet time (my dad rationed me lol) downloading replays and replay packs and then spending my time watching them all in real-time while watching just the zerg (zerg had been my best on sc64 before I had a comp, and especially after watching July in MMI, I was a zerg player for life). I watched 2.5 hours in realtime of dunaj tactics(!!) pimpest play replay, I still have an hour to go, but haven't brought myself to watch it... lol.

Real-time reps watch only the zerg. Rewatch replays a couple times to try and figure out 1. what he did 2. why he did it and not something else 3. why it worked 4. to see what you missed the first time you watched it.

My hotkey layout works for me, idk if it will for you. 40 main hatch 2 ovy 3 ovy 59 nat hatch 1 drone scout 68 3rd hatch 7 4th hatch 1/2 lings 3 hydra den (later lurks) 1 muta 2/4lings 3 lurk 12567 lings 3 lurk 4 defilers 12678 lings 3 lurk 4 defiler 5 scourge.
2007, 06, 18 00:31
What a nice mess of numbers :p But yeah, muta always on the lower numbers.
modified by spinesheath
2007, 06, 18 11:39
1234567890 all drones, so you can easily save them when being dropped!
2007, 06, 18 12:46
120 drones? What zerg style is this?
2007, 06, 18 18:09
2007, 06, 18 18:27
guess who doesnt use hotkeys and owns all of you


btw: i still lose to 3 comps

2007, 06, 18 19:11
Actually I even owned 7 comps several times - as terran with lots of bunkering ;) And 5 comps as zerg on an island map... Once you got the timing etc. it's easy. But it doesn't help your multiplayer skills at all ;)
2007, 06, 18 22:32
Thats why I am looking for a trainer.
2007, 06, 19 20:01
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