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Gone For A Week
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Hey im leaving town for a week and am bringing a laptop but will have next to no internet access so all im gonna do is train! wish me luck. I am gathering replays of all kinds and have the WGT map list as well as Racine1.0. I currently have 6 replays from and am moving on to
2007, 07, 02 14:31
save some articles as well and read them till you return.
2007, 07, 02 14:37
Oh ya forgot I had done summa dat too
2007, 07, 02 14:42
Have fun!
2007, 07, 02 16:33
Ah darn...the laPTOP i borrowed did not read CDs, therefor my reps/practice never happened, though I have read quite a bit about T tactics, and most people will find me in one of those micro games on bnet if thats what it takes in midgame
2007, 07, 06 23:20
early- to midgame that is. As protoss partially even in lategame. Zerg micro pretty much vanishes in (the average) mid- to lategame (except for zvz, but then again you don't get past early game in zvz anyways...). Huge metal masses don't leave THAT much room for micro either (well it still is micro, but not single unit control), but mnm sure requires micro until the end.

Micro can come in handy at any stage of the game, but losing a battle because you focused on marco instead can actually win you the game. Depends.
If you can micro and macro at the same time then that's best, of course :D
2007, 07, 07 01:15
I meant siege tanking templars in LT using hotkeys

ptar can tell u im getting better, but I am still behind in tech. I always put gas in too late.
2007, 07, 07 01:33
Then stop it.
2007, 07, 07 08:14
very bland advice...and I am working on remembering build
2007, 07, 07 12:03
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