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Hey man, I got 120 I.Q, so seriously, it's not a fact of "intelligence".
I.Q is logic before all, not intelligence. I've read tons of books, I've a life, I've a marvelous girlfriend, but I don't like stupid people.

I'm bored very often, but I don't annoy people just for that. It's why you're a stupid guy for me. Michel Colucci said once : "You're always the dumbass of someone else".
modified by evil_DNA
2007, 10, 16 18:43
You got an 150. Ya lol. Internet test? Random value generator?

Also: But let's assume you had a high IQ (not that I would admire you or anything; besides, some tests suggested me being at 135 with 140 being the highest possible in my age group, and I still admire people who got like 110 in similar tests). In that case you are doing a really great job at showing how retarded the whole IQ system is, as it does not reflect a person's intelligence at all.

Oh and making spam threads and spamming completely uncreative shit (if it at least had been funny...) is a valid reason for accusing someone of stupidity.
Having read some "great literature" early doesn't mean anything either. The Iliad is not even hard to understand either.

If you are so intelligent and bored, invent something useful and make lots of money, study physics and chemistry and do something about global warming.
But don't create stupid spam threads kthxbai.
modified by spinesheath
2007, 10, 16 19:50
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