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New Banner
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I found a new banner for this site:

i think it represents many of our maps very adequatly.
2008, 04, 16 23:03
Wouldn't you love to live in 'swastika'?

If we were ever to hold an international mapper meeting it got to be there:D
2008, 04, 17 12:04
It won't be long until bwmn is shut down by the police because of the excessive amount of Nazi symbols in the map db.
2008, 04, 17 21:31
Germany doesn't protect expressiion of nazism? The US does.
2008, 04, 17 22:23
nah we made some nasty experiences with that, you wouldnt believe.
2008, 04, 18 03:29
2008, 04, 18 05:43

Anyways, the depiction of Swasticae in a pro-Nationalsocialistic meaning is forbidden in Germany.
There once was a case where someone sold badges with striked out Swasticae; obviously not such an enthusiastic follower of hitler. At first he was told that this is forbidden, but then the highest instances decided that anti-nazi stuff is perfectly fine even if it depicts swasticae.

Thus, maps that include an obviously visible swastica and propagate Nazism somehow are forbidden in Germany.
Btw, I heard there are more Nazis in the US than in Germany...
modified by spinesheath
2008, 04, 18 12:00
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