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Buying HotS?
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I'm simply making a tutorial on how to use the editor cuz it ain't that hard after you know it.. it's not just for crystal :) and yeah i agree bout hots being more interesting than wol, but part of that ucz they add the old shit like a flying Defiler and a Spawning Lurker also a Spider mine with AI and a firebath with a new suit (esentialy bringing brood war into it which was more interesting than sc 2 in the first place lolz)
2013, 04, 30 22:41
I have HotS. I know how to use the map editor and I've made a few maps, but I still prefer BW mapmaking since SC2 map decoration takes a ridiculous amount of time and I've never really gotten used to the texturing system.
2013, 05, 01 00:07
I still have nostalgia for broodwar maps, even old they turn out to be so pretty at times :) but i disagree about the decoration part even back in bw i spend 70% of the the time in which i actualy made the map to decorate it.. xD it still wasn't a 2 minute job.. with sc2 editor you got more options to decorate which increases the time but still not by that much :)

About the texture system that's one of the things i love the most cuz with 39 terrains or whatever +Custom importing textures and being able to mix em however you like, you can literaly do 100 maps without having 2 looking the same way as far as deco goes if you creative enought :D
modified by LasTCursE
2013, 05, 01 10:04
In most pro games I've watched, players don't get Vipers or Swarm Hosts...

The mines are certainly flashy though. :) So are Ignite Afterburners.
2013, 05, 02 02:33
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