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Okay, it's still way early, but as I think about how to approach a SC2-map-site a lot anyway, we might just as well start talking about it now. That gives us more time to realize what we really want and to prepare.

I know not everyone here is looking forward to SC2. Still I don`t want to see any hater-posts on SC2 here. If you don't care, don't post :D
The new project is not going to replace BWMN, it will be a completely new site, although I hope to see most of you contributing in one way or another.

Please make a seperate thread for every issue (voting system, user registration, spam prevention, replay DB...) with a meaningful title, otherwise it will be hard to read in one year, when we actually need to get it done;)

First question: What name should the new site have? I was thinking of, but that's already taken T_T. Check if your proposition is already taken:
2007, 10, 30 19:37
Would it be too much work/money to just add sc2 stuff to bwm? Seperate db, forum, etc.
2007, 10, 30 22:42
I think it would be pretty unclean. There is a lot of stuff that would be easier to build from scratch than trying to implement it into the allready existing site. For example the stupid way dates get stored on BWMN as a string instead of as a timestamp (a number). Building new is more fun also :D
Plus people who make maps for sc2 dont have to care about bw and vice versa.
2007, 10, 31 00:25
Brood War Maps -> StarCraft2 Maps?
2007, 10, 31 01:08
u should sticky this
2007, 10, 31 05:27
:P There is no "sticky"-feature in this forum^^
2007, 10, 31 10:48 what else? :D
2007, 10, 31 13:11
lol :)
2007, 10, 31 16:00
u could implement that tho :)
2007, 10, 31 18:53
nah, we should just spam this thread up all the time. Way more fun:P
2007, 11, 01 00:17 YEAH!
2007, 11, 01 10:10 is taken too. T_T


"" is available. I just grab it right now before someone else does. there are probably bots out there registering any adress that has ever been mentioned on any message board :X
modified by panschk[FP]
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 11, 01 21:59
Hehe, should merge to my site Vile Gaming:
2007, 11, 03 07:59
I think vilegaming's past reputation and the fact that vilegaming is a league site and bwm a database/forum limits that idea. Adding maps to vg's site is fine, but I think adding bwm's forum to vg site would only get in the way of both sites by adding clutter.

I don't like :( but it's better than nothing :D
2007, 11, 03 16:30
Panschk's SC/SC2 mapping websites are standalone pages, there is absolutely no need to merge with anything and especially not to become a subordinate of something else.

Ya, I don't like the "-" in there either... Well, it's a good start, though ;)
modified by spinesheath
2007, 11, 03 17:41
Well, without a minus would have been better, but that wasnt available.

Actually I am not opposed to the idea of cooperation. Teaming up with an active league/ladder site would help getting some maps actually played. I'll just make a thread for this;P
2007, 11, 03 19:34
Well spines proposed:
also nice (?):
although we should do some tight cooperation with if we used this one:D

(I may be paranoid, but I start to believe in the domain-registration-bots :D)
2007, 11, 06 23:20
even more general: gamesmaps_dot_net

If I had more time, I'd start my multi-game mapping empire right here:D
2007, 11, 06 23:39
"Actually I am not opposed to the idea of cooperation. Teaming up with an active league/ladder site would help getting some maps actually played. I'll just make a thread for this;P"

Yeah that was kinda what I was aiming for, its good exposure for both our sites and for longevity once SC2 comes out.
2007, 11, 06 23:54
i like:
2007, 11, 07 15:55
2007, 11, 07 18:05
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