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Mappers' bnet accounts
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Well, as I own a router for several weeks now, which in turn owns me by denying me the ability to create games in the, I have no possibility to test/play my own (or others) maps. (this is why I can never add ingame experience in map discussions)

So I thought about a new thread here, where people that are willing and want to play maps from this database, or just their own maps, can write down their

So we get a list and hopefully there'll be some more replays to be uploaded here. Of course it'd help to imrpove the maps because of more ingame judgements.

I'll start with my akas and maybe there'll be a few responses. Maybe we even can establish a little list of active BWMN-players in a subsection, like under articles or anything.

Normal clan-acc: wut)sQuadron
But I think about re-activating my old (already deleted) account named "flothefreak". So I can finally use it again, and it definetely gives more identification to my tributes to the page :)

So, add this one: Account = flothefreak

2005, 10, 13 08:44
Well, Me (eS-X.starpARTy) and hefty and the entire FP clan hangs out in #op fp-clan atm.. try there evenings CET
2005, 10, 13 09:52
we have that thread already, calen ^^

anyway #op fp-clan is it, atm. Listoric
2005, 10, 13 10:15
Play tonight lis?
2005, 10, 13 12:41
Sure :) i can't create a game and can't play anything else except 1on1. F&%$ router > me :/
2005, 10, 13 14:11
I knew someone who had the same problem. He managed to become a good 1on1 player though, because he played only 1on1^^


travin is in op cg- or something like that most of the time.
2005, 10, 13 14:26
On Europe B-Net server my account is Rus.i-Zerg, like on PGT. Want to play with you on these maps ^_^
It will be nice :) Usually hanging on broodwar-rus1 channel
2005, 10, 13 20:48
i use dietcoke on pgt
2005, 10, 13 21:32
mushu.air on Europe GateWay and guru_pekkel on USEast. Usually in channel 'public chat kj' on East. I'm up for testing maps. ^_^
2005, 10, 14 02:41
i thought pckj died because everyone moved to scs?
2005, 10, 14 03:54
SPoR[Mech] My Bot is Eye-Suck. US WesT Op Mech- , Op Cal .

And I know how to fix your router problem. Routers and firewalls are fucking gay when it comes to port 6112
2005, 10, 14 04:25
My grandpa just got a router, and I'm gonna have the same problems once we install it...
2005, 10, 14 04:26
Well, after the SCS site went down, everyone started to migrate away and eventually forgot about SCS, so most ofbthe PCKJers are back to their home channel.
2005, 10, 14 07:49
Is anyone of you online most of the time anyway? (I know people who never shut down their PC^_^;)
Maybe getting a bot on europe who has a list of all accounts of mappers and new-map-willing players might be a good idea to make games on user maps more common.

But after my experiences in the last days, you really need to pay more attention to making your maps _playable_ and not only pretty jpgs. I've seen so many bugged observers versions, expansions where you can't build CC, horrible pathing, wallin trouble where it was not intended, players that are not "user-selectable" (race) etc, esp. when I try to play with non-mapmakers, next time they want to play LT again...
2005, 10, 14 09:14
Well solar dissaray obs version was just major homosexual. But to blame pathing on storm is kinda low since exactly no-one else ever complained about it and it is 100% more entertaining than playing lt.
2005, 10, 14 11:47
Nickname:sO]SCV Channel:op sO]
2005, 10, 14 11:48
Now everyone posted their home/clan channel, but noone is going to search you everywhere anyway.

How about having a channel for us, OP BWMN or something?
2005, 10, 14 13:29
definately a waste of time to make a channel. Try it anyways if you want.
2005, 10, 14 20:37
Maybe you leave some contacts for me, icq for example..
My ICQ uin is 344156561
2005, 10, 15 20:47
id hang out ther eif it was on euro
2005, 10, 15 22:39
PGtour: InfectedMind
Headoff: LGI (Bulgarian server)
U.S. East: bf~gosu (in 2002 now mayby delete it)
U.S. West: seaker.bad (in 2002 now mayby delete it)

But i am wondering. Why we don't make our own free server for playing in battle net. This server can be made spacialy for testing the maps we made. Even the statistics won't be importnat.

I am sure there is someone who knows how to make server, and have the techniks for that. Well i hope there is...
2005, 10, 16 14:19
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