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BWMN mappack 2
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I think it is really time now for a new mappack, there were so many more nice maps since the last mappack :)

Again, I want a maximum of good maps by a maximum of awesome mappers, not a SP/trcc only pack. With the number of great new mappers, this should not be a problem I think. To make it easier, every elite-mapper here gets a slot for "his" map, plus there will be some wildcards for other mapper's work or some map that just has to be in here.


those eight get one garanteed spot in the mappack. I think total number of maps should be about 15, so we will not be able to include everyone. But if we can present maps by 12 different mappers, that is already quite nice imo.
Please do not flame me if someone who deserves it is not mentioned here, the wildcard slots should be used on them.

I think we should start by everyone picking his one to three favorites he made himself, and then let's see what we get...

edit: I removed Listoric from the "garanteed" list, just like Travin his last map in here is some months ago.
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 03, 06 13:20
I will see what I can do to get into the mappack^^
2006, 03, 06 14:10
i have no chance i wont even bother ;)
2006, 03, 06 14:57
ScoutWFB, you can do it if you stop with the speed maps :) . Work on something for about 10 hours and voala!
2006, 03, 06 15:32
I'd say my best two maps are Trench Warfare and Awoken Demons. third one? not sure... maybe Doing The Dying.

btw, keeping the pack quite small seems wise to me. 15 is a good number, neither too much nor too small. that way we can keep a certain "keep in mind"-factor for every map.
2006, 03, 06 18:01
flothefreak, from now on i will be your personal adviser for free! So don't put Trench Warfare!!!

And i think that we should put maps in the pack that are tested a lot to know how it's game not only in pic. So go go testing, at least 20 reps >:E !
2006, 03, 06 19:03
AD already had some testing
why do you speak against TW, lgi?
2006, 03, 06 20:43
2006, 03, 06 20:46
at this point i dont even have a motw .. got good maps jus no motw .. lol wise to put me on the list?
2006, 03, 06 21:22
because sometimes you're just not lucky enough ~~
and very often, you can be good but there'll be everytime guys that beat you clearly. goes for every part of life.
2006, 03, 06 22:17
yeah well then on some real shit... sumbody gimme a break!!!! lmfao jk my time will come. any body have a personal favorite that i made?
2006, 03, 06 22:27
Tidal waves! :)
2006, 03, 06 22:36
The Kel-Morian Combine, your current map you're working on looks really nice too though.

But yeah, so far, Tidal Waves.
2006, 03, 06 23:43
we can always put both of them up!!! lol
2006, 03, 06 23:51
Ok, so um... do we just name some of our maps that we deem worthy of map pack?
2006, 03, 07 00:02
yeah thats how u pick it i think... actually its more of a suggestion type of thing.. suggest ur maps and everyone will pick.

hey i really feel tropical heat is very good too. so there are 3 that i really am proud of.

Tidal Waves
Tropical Heat
Kel-Morian Combine
2006, 03, 07 01:57
I think it is the fairest if everyone fights for his own maps first. Then we will have a pool of about 40 maps and will pick ~15 I think.

So I just put Home of the Swarm into the discussion, I feel it deserves it:)
2006, 03, 07 02:06
I'll try to complete SilverSea soon and maybe it will be good enough, although probably not worthy even if I finish it.
2006, 03, 07 02:17
Maps of mine I see worthy:

(2)Winter Paradise 2
(4)Mystic Valley
(4)Dust of the Wind
2006, 03, 07 04:52
Kal Ho Naa Ho is it for me, and I'm not even sure if that deserves a spot. Maybe I'll make a new one sometime soon :P.
2006, 03, 07 04:56
pro home of the swarm!
the idea with neutral units could balance PvZ some more, while not really influencing PvT

in pvt, you won't go MC
in PvZ, DAs are more and more used...and with the MCed Units and maelstrom, it might be even more micro-demanding, but makes p stronger

really one thing to think about
2006, 03, 07 08:49
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