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LGI vs Nightmarjoo..
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I dont want to have only PMs about that issue, because we wont get anywhere that way.

If I understood correctly, Nightmarjoo made a "Fuck LGI" post in a newspost and LGI then deleted one of NMJ's maps. I think both is pretty inacceptable, but what LGI did was worse imo.

NMJ asked me to remove admin rights for LGI, and I really did it, but I don't really want to do that. I've always been a LGI-supporter, but what he did was just wrong, and I fear he could do that again...

You are both important contributers to this community, I still hope we can find a way to work it out. You dont have to love each other, can't you just ignore each other or something?

thats it for now, please dont make me feel like in kindergarten :O
2007, 01, 22 16:22
Well if you read all those thery crafting crap shits you can make your own toughts about who is more important.

Anyway just to fix your first post.

Nigmarjoo didn't write "FUCK LGI" in a post. He write it in his map! You were able to read it on the picture. It was made of some sort of spells, i don't know. Or maybe it's made in paint whit sprey. Anyway if it was whit spells then what? People who play this map will read "FUCK LGI" all the game? No, thx.

Admin rights or not, Nightmarjoo was asking for this. The only reason that he write this into his map was, because i told him that he have too many sprites on his map and more then 70% of them were unnesery and that whit so many sprites there will be even problems in 1v1 games. Anyway he didn't listen to me and write a totaly wrong thery crafting replay and didn't fix his issue. He was telling me how the players won't do so many valkyries and the sprites will be ok in game. I expalin to him that not only valkyres will have problems whit those sprites, but he is a wooden head i guess and instead of fixing his map, he write this "FUCK LGI" in it and continue to call himself a map maker whitout even the simple knoligde of sprites in game.

Yeah, Nightmarjo thery crafting, and judge in MotW/MotY sux as hell and he must be replaced whit a better person! Too bad there isn't many people who wants this position, but i would suggest:

GRC-DeathLink - Very skilled map maker and player from the well known team Light. The perfect man for this job.

LostTampon - Also a really good map maker whit skills in every map editor, also a good player.

spinesheath - He always see every single mistake in each map, but sometimes he overreact and point some things that, imo they are not really issues or mistakes, but still his comments are very important for every map maker.

Well those three guys for me are enough active and the future of BWMN. Good luck!
2007, 01, 22 17:06
I think it was just made of zerglings in SCMD2, then he selected all the zerglings, pressed delete and saved the image.

Anyways, I already said my thing about this, both of you are behaving childishly.

:p I like to stress some things very much, even if they are not _that_ serious issues :)
2007, 01, 22 18:18
"Well if you read all those thery crafting crap shits you can make your own toughts about who is more important."

lgi are u kidding me? are u using theory crafting to justify what you did? you are a nut. i think you should take a break from sc and the website man. take a break, and come back man.
2007, 01, 22 19:32
LGI, Nightmarjoo is one of really few people who actually make a newspost and stuff from time to time. The ppl you mentioned may be good guys, I'm not sure they would do as much as Nightmarjoo does (prove me wrong, apply for admin account now!^^).

Anyway, you both should realize that all this really isn't that important, no need to get really heated arguments over SC maps. I don't want that to end like B(!)iggy and 2Pac ^^

lol, yeah. Diddy does not pull any triggers, he presses play-_-

edit: Just saw another thread where LGI is really harsh on NMJ and NM. I know his knowledge of the game is quite good, he really plays the maps on some competetive level, so hearing his oppinion, even if it is negative is useful. But please, LGI, watch your language. You can say that a map has serious balancing flaws without insulting Nastymarine or Nightmarjoo
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 01, 22 20:45
Biggy and 2Pac** :)
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 01, 22 20:50
In normal language i don't even get a feedback from what i say. When i use some of the "bad words" at least i get a replay, so i will continue like this like it or not.

Now fuck off!
2007, 01, 22 21:10
here we go again...
2007, 01, 22 21:12
You can just hide my post as someone did before few days, today and in the future...
2007, 01, 22 21:13
nope that wasnt me
2007, 01, 22 21:15
@panschk, from your post i realize that you are not observing your web site and the users in it really well. It's sad really. If you get the story right from the begining you would understand why i am like this from a while.

Btw, just remember how flo was acting when i come in this site and what? I cry with PM to you like a baby? I think not... I improoved, Nigmarjoo isn't improoving at all, you can see this only from his map design in his maps, because design in a map is the first think that a map maker gets good at it, then it comes the better concepts and expo placement. The best example for this is NastyMarine for sure, i can be an example too. Whit every past map from me i try to put more and more new ideas.

And i want to ask you all? Did i say something wrong in this post? Did i lie somewhere? I hope there is a person who observe this site just like me from the begining and say what he thinks on that.
2007, 01, 22 21:19
Now this topic is "LGI vs Nightmarjoo.." So don't you dare to hide my posts! Fucking idiots...
2007, 01, 22 21:20
And btw, as soon as i find a new host delete my maps from this site, my newsposts, my posts, my full data base. I don't want to have nothing whit this site anymore. I am just really suprised to panshck... No comment...
2007, 01, 22 21:23
Well to clarify some things, the map itself had nothing of Fuck LGI in it, I made the 'Fuck LGI' in dead ghosts then saved the picture.
As to the why, I explained to panschk through PM but since he's made it public: LGI was being rather rude and useless in my map thread. LGI stated that there were in his opinion too many sprites in the map, that they would hurt gameplay by making units such as valkryies which use many sprites in order to attack useless by not having enough sprites. I had repsonded that I didn't think it was a problem, that in the five games I've played I found no such issues. LGI seemed to be of the opinion I was wrong and he was right (surprising, there are so many examples of LGI being receptive to others' viewpoints ;) ), and was screaming (caps = screaming right?) that I should remove sprites. He also was saying how no one would play my map, that it had no new concept, the spells were unnecessary. First of all, sounds like a mosq comment, odd since you're so against mosq (maybe you're too similiar to him to get along), secondly, of course the spells are unnecessary; the map would work fine without them. However, the map was made with them for the spell competition, which you were so for; the theme being maps with spells. The spells add strategic value to the map, I've played my map, as far as I know you haven't; the dwebs and swarms have worked well so far adding interesting play (so far no imbalances spotted, tvt could be the exception there though^^), they add to the game. LGI don't be such a jpg lover, that acomplishes little =/ Essentially LGI had nothing usefull to say about my map (FateD did!) and was being rude and bad mannered, so I repsonded with equal manners, "Fuck LGI" in a map picture that only people at bwm would ever see, the people who would have seen LGI's comments, and probably those who have seen LGI's scorn throughout history at bwm.

LGI, I hope you realize I've only always tried to be your ally, assisting you with your weekly competitions for bwm when mine were largely ignored, supporting your beliefs on MOTW, and in general defending you to other mappers who believed you to be just a prick, and justifying what you said and your mapping/gaming standpoint. I've always found it weird that you always are agressive towards me =/

"Yeah, Nightmarjo thery crafting, and judge in MotW/MotY sux as hell and he must be replaced whit a better person! Too bad there isn't many people who wants this position, but i would suggest"
I am slow to pick MOTW and MOTY because I listen to all views, even that of Grief who strongly supports a map I am against being MOTY, I haven't chosen a map for those competitions because I was awaiting feedback, which I really haven't gotten. Feedback = a stand and some reasoning imo.
My theory crafting is based on my playing, I will tell anyone I'm a noob at sc, I don't brag like you, even though I've really not seen any proof that you're as good as you think =/
Also, it's not quite theory crafting if it's based off of experience from playing games in the map, and I've yet to see you test my map which you so describe as being awful, you're the one with theories who won't try and back them up.

"Anyway he didn't listen to me and write a totaly wrong thery crafting replay and didn't fix his issue"
I'm not going to listen to you if I've seen differently with my own eyes and haven't seen proof that backs your side. I wrote a wrong theory crafting replay? wtf? I've only had time to play the map 5 times, 5 replays you won't watch, when I describe what happens in games I'm not lying lol. You can ask lnept and tk what they think of the map =/
2007, 01, 22 21:36
"I won't let anyone to fuck whit me" Why do you consider yourself superior to everyone else? It's ok to fuck with everyone except you? That's quite a double standard oO
2007, 01, 22 21:37
2007, 01, 22 21:42
So i did the job whit the maps, i don't know how you will delete all my posts, maybe there is a way that panschk can do it from his server. Admins can delete my newsposts and i let you all my replays that i test on YOUR maps as something to thank for everything that BWMN teach me. But don't you dare to upload my maps. You don't deserve them and you have no rights to do this, whitout my permision. You don't have it.
2007, 01, 22 21:53
I think you guys are starting to take mapping way too seriously. It's a hobby.

Just appologise to eachother =P It doesn't need to be ugly.
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
2007, 01, 22 21:59
yeee, i dont want anyone to leave bwmn :/
2007, 01, 22 22:08
Sorry LGI, I don't understand your comment (after the penis). I haven't touched your comments nor newsposts. Also, I've never seen you get a rep on a single one of my maps, and although I haven't had time recently for too much testing, my name is usually on the top last rep section for my testing too =/
Also, it's not your say whether I add a map to this site, you do not own bwm, panschk does. I may be wrong, but I think pansck would rather Entheogenic stay on the site.

bwm is a site for mapping, I don't need your permission to edit, upload, or play your maps; to say that would go against much of the ideals of bwm =/

As for this whole "LGI vs Nightmarjoo" thing, if you look back throughout the various threads on this site, you've attacked me on several notable occasions, and I've always pointed out I don't seek any conflict with you. I would be perfectly happy to drop this whole incident. I have said numerous times I look up to you as a mapper, and have acknowledged your contributions to bwm, as well as supported your ideas for reform in the site to improve it. Your deleting maps for whatever grudge you have against me is hurting the site, not helping it. I don't care if you hate me, don't hurt bwm, it needs nurturing not wounding =/
2007, 01, 22 22:34
I don't understand why you removed the maps from the site, bwm if you want the maps back I have a good portion of his maps, however most are not current.

It's kinda funny that when Entheogenic is starting to get attention you remove it =/
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 01, 22 22:51
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