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how about another showmatch
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Really, last one was like a year ago. we could ask famous "star"-players, or we could just as well have some ppl who are posting here playing. flothefreak has become a pretty good player IMO, Crackling would not be too bad neither if he wouldn't forget to macro for several minutes in a row.
I could also ask my brother, or play myself even :P
2007, 08, 02 14:12
I could play aswell, I am a strong player.
modified by LML
2007, 08, 02 16:04
crackling aint that good, my teammate won him 3 games a row.

Last time I saw LML playing was when he was playing vs EM-someone (about 6months ago), and he was nooby.

Flothefreak I win most of the time... I win maybe like 3 of 5 or something :)
2007, 08, 02 16:20
showmatch with good player's would be good... Put msg to and
2007, 08, 02 16:21
Maybe Dea will play? I think he's the best player here at bwmn. A msg at and would be good, if we can't find any1 to play. I like this idea.
PS: Wich maps? Maybe the latest MOTM?
modified by ptar
2007, 08, 02 16:28
radix, if you and ftf are that close skill-wise, why not a showmatch between you two?

Well if it is mappers from here they could just pick a few maps they want to play, otherwise we should just make a small (3-4 maps is enough) mappack to play on.
2007, 08, 02 17:13
Hmm.. We already play a lot ^^.. Dunno what's the idea to have a showmatch between 2 noobs, but w/e, i'll play -_-
2007, 08, 02 17:26
ye i also think a showmatch between two gosus would make more sense. however, i would play radix in a showmatch. best of 9?
2007, 08, 02 19:20
well, radix, since then I've improved alot.
Lets play some games radix? :)
2007, 08, 02 19:20
im europe aka mj.radix
2007, 08, 02 19:23
k, but I will eat now 1st, then I will msg u:)
2007, 08, 02 19:25
any1 else wants to play with me?! -_-;;
radix thinks I am not gm enough, and doesnt reply to me anymore omg...
if you would have understood the dialog (u didn, since it was on german, and u saw only my words-.-) u wouldnt think I am not gm -_-;
2007, 08, 02 20:01
yes, those reps have been kind of dumb :D:D:D
but for my excuse, i play much better on maps i am used to play, it was a new expirience for me to play a completly new map :P
i used to play round 100 games on iccup in last time i am better now :D

and btw radix, stop talking i am not good 2 of those games i played offrace (not my mainrace) and the 3. ones he won with a blockpylon on tau cross what requires completly NO skill.
those games doesnt show anything about mine and his skill so plz stfu :)
i also asked for a bo5 where i wouldnt go for some 3offraxx cheese vs a p just because i wanted to do smth funny -_-;;
2007, 08, 02 21:23
it SHOWS ur skills dude. Every game shows a piece of your skill, not entire skills, no. But a piece of it. But anyways you can't be good enough for a showmatch (as i think none of is except maybe dea) imho.
2007, 08, 02 22:50
Well as long as people don`t play straight up stupid, therefore ruining every interesting aspect the map might offer, games between two lesser players of equals skill are just as interesting as progamer-matches to me.

If you know some very good players who might want to do that, just ask them.
2007, 08, 03 00:02
I will squash you all :) who wants to fight?
2007, 08, 03 00:09
2007, 08, 03 00:20
Lets have a in-house Showmatch then I'll update the list for everyone. just leave a comment here saying that u will play. we'll start off with bo5 Showmatches on bwmn maps. we could run it like a king of the hill.
2007, 08, 03 07:50
k. I want play!
but we will need a mappool, with good, decent and balanced maps, which most ppl like.
Maybe u guys should set up a vote for it. With ~7maps for the mappool.
I would say, that Moon Tears would be a good one.
Not used maps should be those with mass spells, since they arent that natural anymore, and they r mostly just spellflooding.
2007, 08, 03 12:38
Well you should play the maps you like, but if even we at BWMN don't want to play maps with spells, mineral blocking etc one should wonder why we create them. Because the "average joe" type of player surely does not want innovative gameplay.

7 maps is too much, 3 maps that both people take a hard look at before the first match are better imo. I don`t want excuses like "I did not know there was an expansion there":D
2007, 08, 03 12:45
yeah, but for bo5 matches...
then we would need to play some other, more known maps, aswell. Such as TauCross or maybe some older, but still good maps, from PGT, like "Memory Cell" and "The Artist".
2007, 08, 03 14:20
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