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2008, 06, 17 05:17
!! Nightmarjoo sayd:
"Ok, I think we're going to have to wait until the following monday (the 30th?) to start to give the mappers a little more time to prepare these maps"

what????? i have no time :(
i'll try to help with voices and i'll make some 3 player maps this week, but i want someone else to finish, balance, edit my maps if there are some posibilities for my maps to get in.
i'll have exames from 30 to 15
2008, 06, 22 12:24
I'll do the edits on Sound Barrier myself, do you guys think Sound Barrier, Spinel Valley, Korhal Pride, Voices, and Radiance are in good enough shape for this event?

If yes, then I'll release a mappack of those maps tomorow (monday) on TL for daily tournaments of the week of July 7th.
2008, 06, 30 06:28
radiance? no way lol its horrible >.<

mmh not because its my map but i think grief stricken is solid and awesome, testbug once again forced me to fix all little issues with ramps and ugly copypasta :D
2008, 06, 30 14:04
No, I don't think spinel valley is in good enough shape.
Imo the current version has lost all of the original flavor. It really seems to be just a slightly more open version of bluestorm. The area around the large ramp will be the only place where forces will meet. The small ramp is only suitable for harrasses, if at all.

I am still working on my edit, but haven't had much time lately. This is the current state; I got some really good feedback from some of my clanmates, so I will definately continue working on this version.


I'd prefer to work with you Nasty, btw, rather than against you. But really, I was very disappointed with your current version, so I had to do something :p
modified by spinesheath
2008, 06, 30 16:42
mmmh yep thats nice, need some more better deco :o

remove the weird highground with the ramp from main

also the nats are to open, place more neutral buildings at the other side of the nat entrance
2008, 06, 30 17:00
As I said, not much time lately. Got an annoying headache as well, so I am barely spending any time infront of the computer. If you compare the two pics of my version (one in the spinel valley thread) you will notice that the deco in the mains and on the highground hasn't been touched at all so far.
2008, 06, 30 17:27
Why is Radiance horrible? Grief Stricken is a possibility I guess.
2008, 07, 01 05:01
So, Spinel out until we've beaten the map in the forge to a sword? Possibly Grief Stricken in, I'd like for it to have a better (shorter) name though.

Voices could probably use a bit more testing.
Crackling I'll test the maps with you more, but stop messaging me at 14:00 CET, I'm not awake then lol. I usually am at my computer closer to 20:00 or 21:00 CET.

Sound Barrier and Korhal Pride are good to go?
2008, 07, 01 05:10
Maybe Sign to replace a map too?
2008, 07, 01 05:13
what about Battle Grounds ??
what about snowshock ??
what about Mirrari ??
what about double edge ??
what about turrican ??
what about Tepolzolan ??
what about 3nim0 ?? << does it means 30 min??
a new version of Sapphire ??
modified by testbug
2008, 07, 03 08:11
what about 3nim0 ?? << does it means 30 min??

Yes it does :) I started working on it for about 30min and then gave the concept jul13n. I named the map like this >.<
modified by ptar
2008, 07, 03 11:04
Battle Grounds is viable.

Snowshock might be too much of a shock to players. I think the map will ultimately play well, but Crackling is pretty sure it won't. I can post the map on tl and get their opinion. Personally I like the map.

Mirrari I think will play bad in some ways, distances and sizes are off, I dunno. If Crackling edited Insomnia I'd entertain the thought of maybe putting it in, however.

Double Edge isn't bad, but I just feel like if someone remade the map it could be a lot better. It seems to me that there's a lot of awkawrd stuff in the map which keep the map from being as good as it could be. Conceptually I think it should play well, though I'm not sure.

Turrican is solid, I personally think it's fine, but Crackling is afraid it's too much of a turtle map.

Tepolzolan would be good, but it definitely needs testing/editing first. I believe it still has had literally zero games on it lol.

3nim0 needs a real name, and tvp testing. I'm concerned the map will be t>p because it's so tight.

Sapphire, lol. If you make a new version of Sapphire we'll test it, but I'm gonna have to say no to it atm, I have no idea how well it'll play.

On Sign, no. I'm of the opinion it plays badly.

Hey Testbug, do you think you could either edit or remake BattleGrounds? I think the map has a lot of little things which could be improved on, though I think the map is solid as is. The mains are imo badly shaped, the main2nat distance is too long, the nats could use some work and be moved closer to the mains to allow a larger center, then the nat backdoor path thing would need some modification. The nat/min only formations need improved. Other things need modified imo for the middle to be wider, I'm concerned tvp is too easy on the map despite the alternate paths and high harass potential. Some ramps probably need to be enlarged, and I don't know if those inverts are the best kind or not. I think all around there are places where space is either unused or badly/inefficiently used, particularly the highground paths on the sides, and the corners. I don't think the two highground ramps should be so close to eachother either (where the rocky ground is, between the two plateaus). A lot if not all of these things could be fixed with modification, but I think given the work involved it'd be easier to just remake the map, and perhaps you'd find while editing it that some things can't be fixed without remaking it.
2008, 07, 03 12:03
Korhal Pride isn't perfect, but as far as I'm concerned it's good enough, and Nasty is actually active to fix any issues which arise, so I'm gonna use it for sure at this point.

Sound Barrier is definitely being used.

What about Avatar? The community should already know it, and it isn't perfect, but it is interesting and different :)

TL suggests we only use three featured maps in each tournament. So, Korhal Pride, Sound Barrier, and one other map?
2008, 07, 03 12:30
On Sign, no. I'm of the opinion it plays badly.

2008, 07, 03 15:23
reason: the mains are HORRIBLE

the entrance of the nat, the path between nat nex/cc and the cliff is soooo small..

weird doodads all over the place, buggy unit movement, about 3458345 copy/paste mistakes, horrible doodad placement all around, uncomfortable univ movement, bad fighting areas/no flank room, hard troop positioning, bad expansion layout, no place for turrets, weird highground behind main mins....

its just horribly, sry >.<

i didnt think that bad about the map but after playing it 3 times i wont play it again -_-
2008, 07, 03 15:32
Basically, thing with Sign is, there are lots of little things which need fixed, but even if you fix all the little things, you're still left with a tight turtle map. Being ostensibly better than bluestorm doesn't automatically equal having less boring gameplay.
2008, 07, 03 22:18
i really like battle grounds
2008, 07, 04 07:56
Um, can we just do Sound Barrier, Korhal Pride, and Avatar, since it sounds like all other maps need edits? Or does someone have another suggestion?
2008, 07, 05 00:00
Sound Barrier, Korhal Pride, Spinel Valley, Voices, Grief Stricken

they are all fine IMO

just played some more games on spinel valley and grief, perfectly fine :o
2008, 07, 05 00:34
I hope you won't put in Avatar... if you want to convince the foreigner players to play your maps, don't make them too nonstandard. While I personally don't like Grief Stricken, I'd rather have that in there than Avatar. Also, this version of Spinel that Spinesheath posted looks very playable and good.
2008, 07, 05 07:29
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