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Redoing Maps
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I was thinking about redoing some of my maps... how about leaving a few suggestions!
2008, 11, 26 12:22
Which ones?
2008, 11, 26 23:42

Those comments might be a little outdated, name any of your maps you want to remake and I'll write something for them. I kind of am hesitant to do so though, since from past experiences I'm wont to expect you to either ignore my comments or never get around to actually fixing up the maps =/ Most of my advice will probably involve reccomending you to remake the map, so if you really want to perfect the concept, be prepared to invest some real time/effort into them; in which case I'd love to give you in-depth comments/analysises :)
2008, 11, 27 06:25
already thought about that part of redoing maps. :P
2008, 11, 28 13:46
Battle Grounds!

undying lands:

the wake:

river road:

galum lati

RasbyRoses but for 3 players!


Legend of Rynor

mother's love

ruined heart


Vast Void

Corsair Hangar

two counties

elevated heat

fosaken land

Garden of aiur

the disrupter

the fall of norad ii

Rest in ice

modified by Testbug
modified by Testbug
modified by Testbug
2008, 12, 03 02:30
Battle Grounds!
2008, 12, 03 02:34
OMG I cant believe you had the nerve to post undying, morris, and the wake - OFF AL MAPS THOSE!?!?

modified by NastyMarine
2008, 12, 03 03:09

modified by Nightmarjoo
2008, 12, 03 03:09
i mean, work on the maps you already have!

what about giving undying lands: a normal nat?

the wake mains are tooo big.

making a RasbyRoses for 3 players?
(i remember the pic you sent to me!!)

maybe adding expos in the corners of elevated heat that are empty with space

i can remake Corsair Hangar
2008, 12, 03 09:41
Elevated Hate is fundamentally flawed, it's just waaaaay too tight and too linear.
2008, 12, 04 21:57
well, Lobotomy was inspired in Elevate Heat if you didn't notice it :)
2008, 12, 05 04:18
nope. i dont notice it
2008, 12, 05 22:26
Yeah me neither lol.
2008, 12, 05 23:29
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