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8 player map with 2 gas at main
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i edited hunters so that chokes are equally wallable, changed some base shapes to maximize building space, made all mains' mins/gas untankable, fixed gas issue...

i was thinking of moving the expos from the gas to the main, so the main would have 2 has and expo would be minonly, since i recall some time ago spinesheath (i think) said that huntz is a P map because protoss thrive more on minerals where Z and T need gas? since expo is harder in team play 1 base zerg would be stronger with muta threat and 1 base mech would be more effective... one think that puzzles me though, if i were to go ahead and move expo's gas to main, is gas issue... i was looking at the gas issue article and i was baffled at how i'd make gas income for all bases equal

any comments?
the map is missing deco, and walking distance to nats and bisubuildability still vary...also muta harassability is different but i made sure terrans can decently turret all bases.. i'd upload the map but i'm scared of being flamed for already too many hunters
2009, 06, 02 01:13
in 2n2, 2 gas main favors p heavily ;) At least from my experience; they get to make such a huge amount of temps/archs, it's not funny at all.

Lots of gas at a single location is rarely good for z anyways, since it is just as easy for p/t to get the same amount of gas. Zerg's advantage of cheap expansions is useless in that case.
2009, 06, 02 10:44
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