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Fog Of War
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I have seen a couple of maps that have revealed areas when u start the game, i think that's totally awesome, and Id love 2 know how to do it, I can think of a 1000 good uses for it on my maps :)

Some one plz help???

Also this wont only help me but I have seen that many mappers here would love 2 know how to do it.

So yeah thnx in advance ..
2009, 09, 28 19:32
In the layer dropdown of SCMD2, select Fog of War and start drawing.

Definately make sure not to uncover the starting locations. Also don't use it for self-promotion, that sucks.
2009, 09, 29 10:18
Spines I did know about how 2 draw in the fog of war thing, I have opened revealed pro maps be4 and seen that they use this drawing thing to, but I do the same and my revealed spots don't appear in the game, its like i haven't done shit, there must be a trigger or something else that must be done im sure.That is what I want to know.
2009, 09, 30 03:55
There is a fog of war layer for each player iirc. Maybe you only changed it for one player.

There is only one fog of war section in a map, so it will always apply to all gamemodes and thus cannot be conected to triggers.
2009, 10, 01 09:07
You must do it for all players the humans may spawn as. So if randomized start location is on and there are 8 players in force 1, you must do it for all of them.
2009, 10, 09 22:48
O and this only works on Obs right?
In melee it wont show a thing.
2010, 02, 05 00:37
couple of ways to do it
1st There is a "Fog of war tool" you can paint out the areas you want to be revealed

2nd Put Map revealers for everyplayer then go to triggers and set a trigger to delete the map revealers when the game starts

3rd Scenario >> Disable Fog >> All players

There might be more ways but this are the ones i know :)
2010, 02, 11 20:51
Will the map revilers work on melee or 1 on 1 ?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
2010, 02, 15 15:59
I doubt it
2010, 02, 20 18:00
yea this is really cool for writing words and designs in the fog on ums clan melee maps or just signing your name in the fog or whatever.

It could be used to show the exact location for HQ bldg on expansions as well, but do not use it on mains. If a zerg spawns, you will see ooze under the fog.
2010, 06, 23 07:09
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