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iccup maps
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Nightmarjoo and yellow ant worked out a cooperation with iccup to have theirs maps at BWMN addionally to the mappack on Just in case you wonder where the maps with the "wrong" names come from. Only admins can add ICCup maps to the DB.

This way we can be some "official mapping partner" of ICCup or something like this^^

I dont know if this needs a newspost, actually it wouldn't hurt (when all maps are up ofc)
2008, 03, 07 16:51
if another admin deletes an ICCup Map from the site I'm having you banned, took way too much time to upload them all to have some idiot who didn't check panschk's post delete them T_T
2008, 03, 08 08:08
pretty dumb, imo.
I think evry1 who plays iccup was already on their page and dl'ed their mappack and doesn't need to dl it map-by-map here. Even tho in 2weeks or so this will be like a few pages behind and no1 will be able to find these anymore, anyways ..
2008, 03, 08 12:20
LML is right, it's totally useless...
2008, 03, 08 13:39
well, a cooperation is a good idea! (in the hope that more bwmn maps will be included in the future :) )

but for better usability there should be at least a single button to get the whole package containing the maps...
2008, 03, 08 14:39
there is a file section isn't it?! ;o
put it there, and we get more maps made by BWMN on iCCup ;)
2008, 03, 08 14:56
You are right that it is nothing that the worlds been waiting for. But really it doesn't hurt neither, and we at least get a new version of a lot of pro maps this way.

The actual mappack can still be downloaded over at iccup anyway. Maybe we get one or two people who post in the map topics to rant the maps, that's about it:)
modified by panschk[FP]
2008, 03, 08 15:45
If ICCup provides a link to BWMN, it's good. Publicity means more traffic, more traffic means more activity. Activity is good. And personally I don't mind having the maps up, 'cause I don't frequent ICCup at all, and they have some good maps. :O
2008, 03, 08 16:28
Well, at least this thing tzies bwmn closer to iccup, which should further help us get maps into their map packs in the future. Call it diplomacy ;)
2008, 03, 09 11:56
"if another admin deletes an ICCup Map from the site I'm having you banned"

Who gave you power to ban people? Make a post in the map page saying no one should delete the map if you're so frustrated, because I guarantee you half the admins here rarely read the forums.

Honestly, dumb idea. Sure, host it in the files section if you want, but our iCCup banner (we should have a one too) is enough for advertising. All this does is make a bunch of maps where the only update from previous maps is the name (which is actually so annoying, I don't know why they use that format).
2008, 03, 09 23:10
He said "I'm having you banned", meaning, he will make Panschk ban th map-deleting admins. How he achieves that was not determined.
2008, 03, 09 23:32
templar you're an idiot T_T
go back afk
2008, 03, 12 04:12
so you uploaded a bunch of iccup maps, didnt even bother to name them correctly, and now you whine because someone removed them?

back to the drawing board i guess.
2008, 03, 15 02:51
Thanks for being a moron too starparty.
Only one map was removed, and I whined so that no one removed any more.

As for the name of them, they have to be named that way. If you change the name they won't work on iccup. Also, panschk edited the site's scripts to allow maps named like that so we could specifically upload them in order to bridge with iccup.
2008, 03, 15 22:17
why would you want them as individual entries anyway? put a map pack in the file section as with any other map pack?
2008, 03, 24 03:22
then it wouldn't be any differently than on iccup site

Yello-ant specifically asked for them to be individual, I'm just the messenger boy.
2008, 03, 24 04:18
obviously thats why im shooting you
2008, 03, 24 09:39
2008, 03, 24 11:17
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