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Frustrated by BW scene...
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Okay, I want to write down my feelings here, because I think you are the people most concerned

by my mood changes besides my family.
I am really disappointed in the way the teams handled the 2on2-league and all tournaments I was

involved in. Even my clanmates did not show up today for the 2on2league, although I did a

forumspost yesterday. I sacrifice a lot of time in organizing, programing and promoting, and

people just lie in my face about their intentions to play/show up.

I am not going to take that any more! I love all those great maps here, but I more and more lose

faith that they'll ever be more than just beautiful JPGs to look at, as the ones that have a

passion for maps don't play, and those who play regulary are mostly ignorant one-map players who

can't read a clock, adapt their game to a new map or even act mannered after a loss. And we are

not even talking about 12year-olds, most broodwar players are 18+ now :[

So I won't organize anything anymore, I will try to stay away from places like or Of course this page should exist for some years hopefully, but I don't want to have

the average BW-player in here, having just the elite mappers (The way it is now) is much better

for my nerves;) I will still try to improve the scripts from time to time, don't expect to see

an update every other day though. But except for MOTW votes, map comments and an occasional map

from myself, I won't do anything content-wise anymore.
Of course, if you want to do something like a contest, league, tournament, I can still help with

the scripts, but I don't want to be involved with the organization.

2005, 09, 12 22:03
sad somehow, but i understand what you're talking about.

but as i already said, i think that 2on2 league was just a step to far. We should keep on craeting graet maps and create a great mappool and see what happens. the motw tour is i.e. a nice effort and will bring more users to this site or more interest in new maps as well.

Just imagine pushing this site so far, so that this might be one of the biggest database for scbw maps in europe or even for other games. i will keep improving this map with your help panschk, as also said.

Just stop this league thing, maybe a 1on1 ladder system or a 1on1 tourney, every other thing needs too much work.

Well, i hope you thik about your post in some days after you calmed down (i don't say that this post is only written in a rush of rage ;) I was in the same position as a ActionQuake2 Clanleader almost for years and it really gets on someones nerves if you try and create and noone seems to notice it :/ well, the mappers notice it, and after some time, other mappers and even player will get the to the point of uberpower knowledge we already posess. ;)
2005, 09, 13 02:42
All bragging aside, I think I'm a pretty good map maker and BW gamer at the same time -.-

But as time passes, I must take long breaks from the game, otherwise I will burn out.
2005, 09, 13 04:50
There should be no gaming content at all on this page. we have a continouos tour with and let them handle it instead since it is their main thing. Focus on the maps, thats what we do. I really appreciate what youve done here and its sad that you feel that way. Please, just dont forget about us who actually come here trying to improve the site and spread the word of it everyday...
2005, 09, 13 11:36
yeah that's what I was feeling too. Mappers=good. Players=evil :D

I play pokémon right now :D
2005, 09, 13 14:48
Pokemon is great. i played pkemon blue and had level 99 haunter who OwNzZzed
2005, 09, 13 16:32
Never played pokemon, only Yu-Gi-Oh! but that's quite cool.
2005, 09, 13 16:57
Pokemon owns. :)

I have some great ideas for maps that I came up during study hall. I'll make some of them this weekend.
2005, 09, 14 01:01
<3 panschk :)
2005, 09, 14 06:26
Pokemon begins to frustrate me. Some important things are hidden, with no hint on how to find them, and running through caves is painfull when wild pokemon appear every secound.
I will need to read a guide to play it through :[
2005, 09, 14 16:15
hahaha panschk what version are you playing? maybe we could duke it out on netbattle
2005, 09, 14 20:26
yellow. I finished the game (winning the pokeleague, and I probably stop playing now, I don't need to catch every single one) Took me two days where I did not do much else, what a waste of time :D
2005, 09, 14 21:27

I'm not a fan of the newer games at all but I absolutely love the R/B/Y versions and battling online

if you're interested we could battle. just go to and download netbattle. it's pretty fun and you'll discover that pokemon is really a lot more strategic than you thought and that it actually has its own very complicated metagame.
2005, 09, 14 21:50
I suppose you are right. But I'm still not interested :D I played that to get away from the broodwar players, when I play it with broodwar players it makes no sense:D
2005, 09, 14 22:04
2005, 09, 14 22:24
only way to make a 2v2 tourney is to make something like 2v2tourney NOW
check all the other 2v2 tourneys (for example the one of - many people dont show up..

people didnt even show up on tourneys with money prizes, so dont worry :-)
2005, 09, 15 02:34
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