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Love you guys
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I was away 2 days, and you guys added a huge bunch of cool new maps. I don't get to post to all of them tonight though^^

I especially want to thank Listoric for all the effort he puts into the page, keeping me up to date. Atm and are the only BW-related pages I visit frequently, and I don't miss the flames at and really :D
2005, 10, 02 23:48
Hey I am from 8[
2005, 10, 03 18:19
yeah, and you suck :P

^^ just kidding. Thx panschk. I think we all love this page somehow and i really spend here half a day just to watch replays, and comment on maps, soo much fun!
2005, 10, 03 19:06
I like the site and all... it just kind of depresses me when I come here and see so many maps with so many comments on how to make them balanced and stuff when I know in reality that they will never get played, ever :(
2005, 10, 03 23:07
Well, it`s all about learning.

I already created dozens of maps but none of the maps were as good as the last 3 ones i created, just because i learned _a lot_ here. Now some of our maps (MOTW) are played on and some other might be played someday in some other leagues, or, we take this knowledge on what a map should look like, how to think of unit ranges and stuff into new games.

I'm not that sad about that. I play my maps every day and they are a hell lot of fun.

Exept that Mudbowl is a hell for Zerg vs T... hmpf...
2005, 10, 03 23:49
I played a couple of games on maps from here today too. Most were fun, too:)
2005, 10, 04 01:46
just because every map doesnt get into any major korean league it doesnt mean they wont get played. If some guy visits the site, dls a few maps and has a fun time with his friends, then i say we have succeded.
2005, 10, 04 14:40
I would like to post a sign that says "Starparty is right". Unfortunately, I do not possess such a sign. :/

(Starparty is right)
2005, 10, 04 18:19

2005, 10, 05 12:46
lol lool ^^ I definetely like this graphic style !! :)
2005, 10, 05 18:33
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