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Where is my map? Why u deletet it?
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My Map Tidal Presence is gone. Why u deletet it?
2005, 10, 04 00:44
So i reuploaded it now, next time tell me if u delete is or if something is wrong.

wasnt a nice surprise to see my map deletet, without any reason
2005, 10, 04 00:55
I did not delete it. I don't see why anyone would do that.
2005, 10, 04 12:26
i am the grim reaperrr.

And i will continue to keep the quality in the database. When a map is as horribly imbalanced like tidal presence i believe it does not have a place here, specially not as user-final.

I do not go delete maps at random though, but if several users clearly states the imbalances, and the creator himself even states that the map probably should be removed, *poff* it is gone.
2005, 10, 04 14:44
if a map is deleted btw, you can be 99% sure it was me who removed it.
2005, 10, 04 14:47
SP, I really don't get what you're doing here. Just let the maps be in the DB, doesn't hurt anyone. This is not a best-of list, every user has the right to post his maps. If you don't like it, just give a bad rating, post what you dislike, and leave the thread.
2005, 10, 04 15:00

Well yeah, not really a great map, but still.-.
2005, 10, 04 15:02
oh sorry, I see the map is still in the DB. I thought it had been removed again, the site is just to active atm^^
2005, 10, 04 15:05
very well then. i will not touch the database again. the process of collecting everyones opinion about a mapīs quality takes too long.

but remember this if this database begins to look like the one on
2005, 10, 04 15:18
I never wnatet my map to be removed.

I agree its not my best work, i did much better, but its not such a worse map like some others i will not further comment. There can still be intressting machtes in the map.
2005, 10, 04 17:08
I see your concerns for the quality of the DB, especially for non-regular users who just search a couple good maps for some games, they should not have to analyse the maps first, they should just be able to pick blindly. But on the other hand, it is very frustrating when your map gets deleted.

I already have an idea how to help seperating the best maps from the rest. I hope I can motivate myself to program it -_-
2005, 10, 04 23:03
just make a "GOOD MAPS" section, lol
2005, 10, 05 00:03
I did not add another "maptype", there are "recommended maps" now. I started with putting all motw in this list, you can add more in the admin menu. Of course the question is who decides which map is "good", and how strict we should be (2 maps in an average week or more like 2/3 of the maps?), the "keeper of quality #1" Starparty will have big influence in setting the guidelines.

So how would you handle that? Only the very best maps or every map that looks quite balanced and well playable?
2005, 10, 05 00:20
You see all "recommended" maps by checking the checkbox in the maplist.php.
2005, 10, 05 00:21
I feel honored that my agenda wasn't forgotten <3

However, recommended maps should also have a more obvious search route.

I dont think there is too many people who actually changes criterias in the search menu to find anything in particular. I think they just use the "all maps" link, or at most the other ones in the leftisde menu.
2005, 10, 05 12:32
yeah, I don't use the criteria myself anymore neither, I only use left and right menu actually.

When we have a certain number of "recommended maps", I will add a link to the left side menu for them.
2005, 10, 05 13:35
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