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gogo vote kaiber!
or something :P
2005, 10, 06 15:14
duno if that is the correct link, so just go to
2005, 10, 06 17:17
Where are the good maps? :P Just kidding ^^ Got no account and i'd find something on every map which doesn't fit my taste.
2005, 10, 06 17:31
but really...The choices are not the best user maps out there imo. I voted for S ignal. They will only get played seriously if they are motw for a week, otherwise it is not very meaningful.
2005, 10, 06 17:35
yeah and the choices are pretty skewed. you get a direct link to half of them and the other half you must scroll around and find a tiny picture! and they aren't even the latest version -__-

kaiber will probably win, and that's gonna be more good news for travin ^^

I just hope temple of twilight doesn't win, he hyped that map up so much and it's not really that good at all
2005, 10, 06 22:29
I don't like kaiber it looks too narrow and cluttery.
2005, 10, 06 22:57
Where is the black castle and diamond valley pics? lol I like how the blizzcon maps have long ass comments except signal's is just:

"Signal looks even in most aspects."
- Peter "
2005, 10, 06 23:03
I can't decide between Crusader, King of abyss and ToT.
2005, 10, 06 23:06
ToTs only redeeming feature is that it has the vertical ramps.

2005, 10, 06 23:34
I don't really like them. they look kinda dumb to me because you can't even really tell they're there o_o

but it doesn't make a difference
2005, 10, 07 00:06
How did they decide what maps they would consider? Did they just pick random ones?
2005, 10, 07 00:29
"I don't really like them. they look kinda dumb to me because you can't even really tell they're there o_o

but it doesn't make a difference"

i thought they were neat in regnum noctis, but i think they were too forced in tot. the main reason so many people like the map is because of them, and they only see the ramps and not the rest of the map, sort of like how ride of valkyries was.

2005, 10, 07 00:31
yeah. it's not really a good map imo. don't know how I would ever zvt on it
2005, 10, 07 00:51
the choosing of the maps was really weak, he just made a topic about this in tl and people suggested stuff 10 hours later boom the poll was up
2005, 10, 07 11:44
:/ ridiculous
2005, 10, 07 13:09
Kinda funny that götterdämmerung isnt in that poll since it is far more recognized than any of those user maps so far (blizzcon has not been yet).
2005, 10, 07 14:06
quote by "nero" in the commentssection on the pgt poll:

"i think that new map "arena" on fourms is better then the rest of these"


2005, 10, 07 14:22
2005, 10, 07 15:04
a bit
2005, 10, 07 15:11
I voted for black castle because it has the same concept as my map; Outland Illusions.
2005, 10, 07 17:55
maybe i should give u some informations...

first, entropy made a newspost about Temple of Twilight at PGT, afterwards i got 2 PMs in my PGT message box of different PGT admins who said that Temple of Twilight should become PGT map
so i contacted pat and asked him about that and after several PMs between pat and me, he decided to make a poll about several usermaps

though the listing of the maps was kinda unlucky in due to a very short threaddiscussion i think that its a very good sign for the mapmakers community, whichever map is going make it to the new PGT-mappack

anyways, i think there are a lot of good maps in the poll: 4 blizzcon winners + several other good ones and im sure that all of them would enrich PGT
2005, 10, 16 22:30
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