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Anyone still around?
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Hi, I'm looking into running a tournament on some of these community-made maps. However I need a contact to help me out should maps have to be altered. Looking for someone like Freakling, Crystaldrag, Jungleterrain (the people contributing to the latest mappack). If you're interested in talking, add me on skype please (s/n: Pholon). Cheers.
2012, 08, 24 10:17
That's what the map packs are for - providing ready-to-use tournament-grade maps. Grab the newest map pack and go.
If you have found other maps, that you like, in the database, there are threads in the "competition" section, where you can suggest them.
2012, 08, 25 17:59
I'm here too!!
I can contribute too if you need help in the organization or things like that. Freakling finished the mappack recently and it's ready to use in a tournament, so we can do something great.
2012, 08, 25 21:24
Hey Arc, where have you been? It's kind of frustrating if you agree to run a tourney and then disappear...
2012, 08, 25 21:33
I can't really "grab and go", "Hazard Black" has a huge icon on the minimap and "Desertec" has these weird circles. Anyway, I'm mainly looking for a contact that could make edits on short notice if they're needed during the tour.
2012, 08, 27 11:23
So what's the problem with the "icon"?

Have you actually read the map description for Desertec? The "weird circles" are there for a reason.
2012, 08, 27 16:50
I didn't disappear.
We agree to play the maps one day so we can have awesome scenes o pictures, but we didn't agree which day and you don't join iccup so often.. so.
Sorry if it seem like i disappeared, i posted on a lot of maps and threads recently, tho.
I got my admin powers back so i can make the announces if the tourney is in iccup.

But i need to have contact with you.
I don't use skype so often, but i can start using it if we need it. Mine is "arctimes"... lol


modified by ArcTimes
2012, 08, 27 19:12
OK then, for a start... Let's find some day this week to get some final screenshot, I am gonna finish the guides then. What timezone are you in? I can probably manage to play any time between about 10:00 a.m and 2:00 a.m. MET. Just pick some time of your choice and give me notice.

Actually getting my skype/ICQ/jabber/whatever up and running again sounds like something I should probably do... I have no mic though, so no voice chat.
2012, 08, 28 00:02
CDT from 9-12?
modified by CrystalDrag
2012, 08, 29 06:23
a.m. or p.m.?!
2012, 08, 30 00:20
The icon is just very distracting, especially if you play with shift-tab on at which point enemy units get the nearly same colour.

Circles might be distracting too, still have to get a Protoss player's opinion on it.
2012, 08, 30 09:47
Also why is it that if you play shift-tab on the ashworld, you turn green instead of teal?
2012, 08, 30 09:48
Desertec OBS version gives vision to the players as well. And there's this text that appears.
2012, 08, 30 14:36
- it is a different colour than the normal red, I never mistook it...

- shift-tab works the way that it turns your units to p3-colour, enemy to p1-colour and neutral/allied units to p8-colour, whatever those may be set to in a specific map. I use green/teal and yellow/light yellow/tan interchangeably

- a Protoss can hardly mistake the force fields for his own pylon fields, because you cannot even build on them.

- maps are greyed out for players to make the map more accessible for first time players. SLs are blacked out to prevent building/creep vision abuse.

- the text message is points out the map mechanics and, like the grey-out, is supposed to make the map more accessible for first time players in-game.

In general the obs versions in the map pack are made to make the maps as easily accessible in-game as possible. If you want standard blacked-out obs maps with no additional text messages, that would be just a minute of work to implement per map, so I could give you those any time...
modified by Freakling
2012, 08, 30 16:59
- Some people I've played with up til now find it annoying, some have no problem with it. If I'm putting this in a competitive environment I don't wanna risk it though. I don't mind the aesthetics - they're pretty sweet - but could you look into a less... prevalent version?

- Can you just set them to teal/red as per usual?

- Had a couple of Protoss players play on them now. Like the first point, some find them annoying/distracting, some don;t. Again, not gonna take the risk. Can you do the aesthetics differently?

- I didn't mean grey out - I meant actual vision. When I played Desertec Obs with someone watching, I could actually see my opponent. Haven't tried the other maps in obs version yet.

- Also the greying out would be the same grey as when you've uncovered land in the past? (Not the darker greying that SC2 has?). In which case you wouldn't know where you've scouted already? Could you change that to as per usual?

- We wished eachother glhf right at the start so it fucked up the text message. Can it be removed in a seperate version, people can read about the map beforehand.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me :)
2012, 08, 31 12:07
point by point answer:

- it's pure aethetics, I could change the tiles, so they do not show up on the minimap.

- no problem

- I also used ground textures, so removing the fields would still leave the fields discernible for players. Alternatively I could cover the with dark swarms. but that would be for the cost of clear vision of the battlefield

- You're right, I forgot to uncheck "shared vision" and "allied victory" in the force setting :( ... Easy fix though...

- SC1 only knows black and grey... One can fake a darker grey be covering the whole map in a chessboard pattern of revealed and unrevealed squares, but because it's not possible to pick© fog of war that's a shitload of work for a map (4096 single tiles to set for a 128 map), so I'd rather just make a usual blacked out version (like standard melee maps)

- Can do that. It's also in the map description anyway. I could also add it to the mission objectives and into the briefing instead.
2012, 08, 31 15:12
There is a trick for doing a fog pattern.
-Turn normal grid on.
-Set the fog brush to 260x01.
-Hold CONTROL and click on every other row. So now the map has alternating lines of fog on and off. (holding control alters the fog for all players).
-Set the fog brush to 01x260.
-Hold CONTROL and click on a DARK square every other column. Now the map has 1 dark square of fog per 3 light squares of fog.
(if you click on a light square, it turns the whole column dark, so you have to click again).
modified by CardinalAllin
2012, 08, 31 17:26
unfortunately it doesn't really work that way...
2012, 08, 31 18:02

There is a great page with lots of info. You may have seen it already.
2012, 08, 31 19:25
I didn't know that article, but I know how it works... I was talking about pattern3, your suggestion would create pattern 1, which would still be hard to tell apart from an unrevealed map on the minimap (look at the "minimap appearance" pic in the article and use some omagination), especially on ash maps (which there are three of in tzhe current map pack).
2012, 08, 31 19:52
I just tested out a 64x64 map using the fog technique. Its not good.

The minimap is really ugly, and (as you mentioned) the areas you have explored arent clear anyway. So yeah dont do the technique I suggested. Sorry abotu that.
2012, 08, 31 20:31
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