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Another BWMN Tour?
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So idk about you guys, but summer has just hit for me and I am out of school and done with exams. I'll be working more but for the most part my schedule will be more free, meaning I'll probably put more time into mapmaking.

I know freakling and I were thinking of possibly doing a 3-player map tournament, but I'm thinking we can also do a general BWMN Tour like the BWMN Open back in 2012.

We would just need some help with organizing, and putting money up for a prize pool. I'd be willing to chip in.

I'm thinking we can make a map pack like last time as well. Contributors to the map pack could be: Jukado, CrystalDrag, NegativeZero, Freakling, me, LatiAs, etc (am I missing anyone?)


Edit: I'd be willing to chip in up to about $100 USD, maybe more.
modified by JungleTerrain
2017, 05, 15 20:12
Well, go ahead. I don't really have the time to organize much right now. Things have taken a very different dynamic recently. Between SC remastered, ASL map submissions and new SCMDraft versions I already have sunk way more time than I should have into SC-related stuff during the last one and a half months or so...

With Fight Club entering its last week, maybe you can get BisuDagger to cast and cross-promote with Afreeca. Doing something focussed on BWMN map submissions for ASL would certainly be nice.
2017, 05, 17 15:00
I understand lol. There is too much hype nowadays and not enough time in a day to address it!

I will be posting here for any developments on this topic. You could also take a backseat and help me with suggestions/ideas. Don't worry about it. I have more time as of now so I'll be the one organizing stuff.
2017, 05, 17 18:04
Nice idea. I will be able to help a bit, I could make the teamliquid thread for example if you wanted me to, or maybe a simple black and white text banner (very simple; white text on black background).

For prizepool just ask people to chip in. But really I dont think you need it, people will want to play for prestige.

I reckon a good map pool would be:
Clay Fields
Frogstar World B
Uzi Sara

Format could be 8 players, each match is a best of 5. But we ask players to play 4 games minimum anyway just to see the maps getting play time.
If the 5th game is needed then you could randomly pick which map is used for it with a random number generator.
(or use Crown And Sceptre for the 5th match if needed).

modified by Jukado
2017, 05, 20 14:18
It's funny because I've worked on Uzi Sara quite a bit now and I'm tired of looking at it lol, but it definitely needs testing because of the experimental nat design.

I like Frogstar in that it feels standard but the middle is interesting enough to make it feel experimental. Clay Fields and Kiseyras are probably the more standard maps out of the pack.

And I would actually like to have a fifth map thrown in there. But idk, just brainstorming for now.
2017, 05, 21 11:29
5th map: well, use Reap the Storm... Or Inner Coven, if you feel a bit weirdo. Atlantis might soon be finally finished as well.
With the assets from Frogstar I might give Hazard Black another update as well (mostly to improve the ramps). Maybe Dies Irae too, though that's a lot more work due to the sheer amount of ramps and the unfinished deco... Don't count on me finishing Légionnaire or any other bigger project any time soon, though...
2017, 05, 22 10:52
I think I might like to see Inner Coven lol. But maybe people will feel it is massively imbalanced and the tourny won't be fair or w/e people are prone to say.

I guess in the end it doesn't matter what people say bout it, long as they playing for the money they play under our rules.
modified by JungleTerrain
2017, 05, 22 12:12
I am currently in a geology field camp program (real life map making) for three more weeks, then i can help with things more. I would be willing to contribute some money towards the cause (50 maximum? I'm graduating this Winter..)
2017, 06, 03 18:46
lol Crystal. Yeah, sounds great. I've been a bit busier than I expected so I'm going to wait a bit.
2017, 06, 03 23:49
So i realized im poor, but could still help with organization and things like that
2017, 06, 28 02:45
Lol crystal
2017, 07, 05 01:33
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