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BW-R Showmatches
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On OGN's youtube if want to watch them, showcase matches of Remastered was played.

Some of the ramp pictures from Eye of the Storm and FS

Now here are two pictures, one for the showmatch and another in the korean PC bang

2017, 07, 30 19:13
Yep, I'm actually curious how they changed the ramps, as in what this means for tile sets. Have they received new tiles and a larger index or replaced some tiles or what? And how will these new ramps work in the editor? What other ramp angles are possible? What are their properties? Etc. Etc,
2017, 07, 30 22:02
Im pretty sure they are including a new type of inverted ramp to the editors? if you look at the middle image, the uppermost tile that is part of the ramp is not the same as the tile it was lifted from (cliff to the left). However it is also curious as the large extended ramp has duplicated tiles
2017, 07, 31 02:37
I was really curious about this.

My theory is that for each tile in the original inverted ramp, they added a duplicate that was used specifically for the ramps. Then, in the remastered version, they could replace just the ramp version of the tiles with the new textures.

Considering how much the textures in the new ramps resemble the ones from the old, and how much those same ramp tiles are used in other terrain features, that's the only thing that makes sense. If true, that's actually incredibly sick but also means that new custom terrain stuff will be harder to implement while looking nice.

I can't imagine Blizz went through literally every custom ramp ever made and made em look good. It's probably just a couple inverted ones and the horizontal/vertical ones on each of the tilesets. I know Eye of the Storm's vertical ramps got translated very well too.

I'm actually now wondering if they've fixed some height bugs with the terrain. I can't wait to actually figure this stuff out.
modified by neobowman
2017, 07, 31 04:31
I feel like in creating new tiles, someone must have had to go in manually and add tile flags like height, etc. If not, then we will have to take a look and tell them their mistake in the forums.

What I was thinking about is that people in Korea are playing on 1.19.3, while my version is in 1.19.2.

Isn't the tile information stored in the MPQ files, or w/e files they are using now to store that data? Therefore it's in the game files and not in the editor (say SCMDraft). That means that once we update to 1.19.3 (im still on 19.2) we should be able to take a look at these ramps in the editor.

So guess we just wait for now.
modified by JungleTerrain
2017, 07, 31 05:48
Ok well I guess I updated to 1.19.3 but still nothing. Super weird because 1.19.2 does not update to 1.19.3 automatically. I had to repair Starcraft Launcher.

Also, it Starcraft doesnt show on my Blizzard Launcher, its so annoying -_-
2017, 07, 31 06:55
In case you haven't seen it, I brought up the same topic on TL, but responses where not very fruitful
Here's a picture I posted:

I also pointed out that these ramps (besides still having an odd angle that neither look good not is balanced/symmetrical with respect to the non-inverted counterparts) still have all of the terrain level bugs of the "original" versions. There was actually one moment where Flash's scouting SCV went blind (i.e. stuck in a low-ground hole when the vision refreshed) on the bottom left main ramp.

At first I thought maybe they implemented of auto-blending mechanism. In theory you could generate different textures on ramp and bridge tiles, depending on their surroundings, and use transition textures to smooth out tile edges.

But no.

Some one on SEN actually has analyzed the map files and it seems to be that Blizzard just included custom sprites in the map files to make them look "better" (the ramps still have all of the shortcomings and the textures are actually rather poor an blurry...) for their big promotional hype event.

If you take a look at the last picture in the OP:
you can see how ramps actually look like now (without any retouching). Is this taken from some other stream?

So basically nothing probably (hopefully!) changes.

Seriously, Blizzard declaring something badly made a de-facto standard would only be a limiting factor to map makers' choices. With ScmDraft being the quasi-official map editor with the tools to debug basically anything and a better brush palette in development it is much better to leave extended terrain to the map makers. We can compile nice brush files of good looking and bug-free inverted ramps and whatnot to help novice map makers out. Blizzard would be hard-pressed to come up with a solution of their own that is equally powerful in both flexibility and ease of use. I really hope they just stick to the real issues for map makers in other words fixing all the inbuilt terrain level bugs I made them a complete list of some time ago. That would actually really do something to improve the game and the life of map makers (although with ScmDraft's tile flag overlays it has of course also become much easier to work around some but far from all! of those...
modified by Freakling
2017, 08, 02 20:22
Yeah I read your comment a few days after posting here. Anyways, have you seen this video?

At around 2:14, the guy talks about one of the things they are going to add to the game are ramps and they can be expanded out.

And this:

Taken from TL KHJ's comment:

"Well, i also want to find english version, but i cant find it.

They talked new map editor, Other Blizzard games' remaster, SCR campaign and so on."

So they talk about a new map editor, but I don't know if they are talking about SCMDraft or something else. I can't find an english version so I can't get a better idea of what's being said.
2017, 08, 02 20:47
Maybe they are planning something, but this is definitely not it or if it is it is a sad joke that's almost completely unusable by reasonable standards, because if they just copied the old broken ramps that's nothing I would touch with a ten foot pole.
I really hope they just support ScmDraft instead of trying to do their own thing. ScmDraft is almost perfect now and they'd have a huge work of catch-up to do if they want map makers to actually use something else instead. And just think about what a mess every one who has ever used it considers the SC2 editor.

Besides that, these are basically just promotional videos from Blizzard for Blizzard. Not necessarily good sources of information.
I mean: All the time they claim "we are talking to all kinds of people" and "we really respect the input", but at the very least it would be an understatement to say that they have not gone out of their way to ask map makers for their input, which is certainly not optimal because there are a ton of issues players, even professional ones, would simply not know about or at least be unable to give an accurate assessment of.
2017, 08, 02 21:04
I really hope these "blended" ramps they used for the promotional event aren't the final product. I want to be surprised but in a good way.
2017, 08, 02 22:04
Watching the game on Salamander in the GTB finals cast: Blizzard apparently did nothing to fix any tile flag bugs. Desert ramps still has as wonky vision as ever...

Instead some of the jungle terrain bridge to dirt transition tiles are inverted in HD graphics @_@...
EDIT: Actually it looks more like they now have different textures for transition tiles at the edge and in the middle of a bridge, which screws up lots of custom terrain blends.
modified by Freakling
2017, 08, 04 10:59
Yeah I noticed that too, some parts of extended bridges on the top side have some bad transitions.
2017, 08, 04 20:20
Honestly, I don't think mapmakers really got to convey the issues with current maps to Blizz at all. It seems like they really focused on keeping everything the same as it was before while just updating the graphics. Blizz probably just assumed the custom ramps had been perfected or something and left it alone while trying to make it look better.
2017, 08, 06 00:17
Certainly not for lack of trying on our side...
2017, 08, 07 13:45
Btw, do sizes other than the standard 128x128 192x192 etc work now?

Edit: I have had 0 success getting non-standard sizes to work.
modified by neobowman
2017, 08, 18 01:45
128xX/Xx128 (X<128) still work, right?!
2017, 08, 18 09:02
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