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Decrease recommended maps?
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Should we decrease the recommended maps to have like 1 map per player containing the outmost elite maps of this way we can focus on these maps making them perfect in every aspect.

too much multitude isnt always good. Even though im not in a friendly relation with mora and bill atm, i think some of their points are valid, especially their thought about too much maps with too little caring are posted these days.

By decreasing the mapamount to very few elite maps might perhaps raise the interest to update maps to perfection if these recommended maps get anywhere (since you have to do a really good map to get in the category)

2005, 10, 17 12:07
Good point. Quiestion is, whats the difference between elite and very good?

I'd say we go through the list at first, and choose the recommended as we started. Al maps whcih are very good somehow.

Then we can still look through these and thik about what an elite map should look like, and what not.
2005, 10, 17 12:30
i wanna hear panchks thoughts about this too :o
2005, 10, 17 13:42
Well, there are two very different aspects of this:

- Map qualitiy: There are many mappers who know how to map here, and for a mapper like SP, it will be pretty much impossible to pick "the best" map. Only way to make sure a map plays really great is to test it over and over again, and that is quite difficult. If the best SP map happens to have some major imbalances we did not see before, it makes us really look stupid, and it's almost impossible to know before heavy testing if there are any issues. So from that point of view, good maps should be rewarded, picking the best out of a bunch of very beautiful and _probably_ fun and playable ones is going to cause more confusion than anything else.

- Actual Playing: If you want to make a bwmn-finest mappack on the other hand, having about 80 maps in it won't help. It is more fun to almost every player to atleast know the main layout and stratgies on a map instead of playing a new map every single game. So here less would be better.

So right now what I'd say is:
We can make the number of recommended maps small, but we should not call them simply "the best", bceause we can't judge that. It will be good maps, maps that are different one from another, some classic, some offer new gameplay, but it will be a sample of x good maps out of 100+ of good-very good maps.
2005, 10, 17 16:53
kinda. However i believe we should play an extra game here and there on these recommended maps from time to time to make sure they really fit in the category :o
2005, 10, 17 17:15
Oh man. There are so many new crappy maps in the DB, I feel the need to seperate SP's, Travin's, troniccs, Listoric's etc work from the maps made in about 10 minutes by some other users here.
2005, 10, 17 19:19
hm, maybe we should limit the recommended-mappool?
like, every 100maps, there is a limit to pick 4 out of them. We keep the selection process, which means we will add aspirants in a thread, ~12 maps for ID 1-100 or so, and then we take the 4 best/recommended out of them. the only problems would be
a) coming to an adequat limit, for there will be ID-intervals with only 1-2 "best" maps, and those with ~10.
b) with the increasing size of the page, there'll be too many of them

Well, as I thought about it, I wouldn't like it cuz of those imbalances, but I don't want to delete what I wrote.

But a limit really looks appealing to me.

We even could set a CERTAIN, fix limit.
like, 30maps altogether, and to enter this section, a map has to beat "the worst" map of those in a second ballot.

Well, this all ain't the best solution for me, but I just write down my thoughts on possibilities to limit the recommended-mappool.

No matter which limit this will be, maybe a strange one, but we definetly have to set an end, because otherwise, there will be just hundreds of maps in recommended section :/
2005, 10, 17 22:23
well, panschk, this problem comes up with many unexperienced mapmakers/players starting to map for a site where is more mapping niveau than 5-minutes-map. :[

Maybe we can decrease this with the article "how to make maps" or something.
btw, would it be possible to limit the number of uploading maps under a certain name? like, when a new mapper comes to this site, and he has, let's say 28 maps (ok, this was bitchy :P), then he can only post 5 in half an hour, and when he is going to upload a sixth map, there'll be a message like "please do not upload so many maps at once. The users couldn't comment those all, and this would neither help you nor us."

If such a request device is not possible, just add a note in the "Upload Map"-screen about this :)
2005, 10, 17 22:29
How about featuring the biggest creators with their own respective recommended top 5-10 maps?

then anyone ccan use what maps they want`?
2005, 10, 17 23:12
flothefreak's idea would only be good if we could realistically say which maps are the very best ones. But I think you will agree that we can't to that if you are honest.

Well I am leaning back towards my old definition of r. maps now: We as the map-testers say to any player surfing on the page "download this" by making it recommended. There are many maps that are worth a download, but if we don't make it easy to find those who are worth, visitors will be disappointed if they just download a random map and it is shitty.

Btw if anyone wants to put the spotlight on his best maps or the best maps in the DB overall, feel free to make an article on it.
2005, 10, 17 23:49
but spread it out since 5 posts of selfpromotion might get to one's head :P and the visitors might wonder what the heck we are doing.
2005, 10, 18 08:27
regnum octis is way to zergbiased imo to be recomended. i did not enjoy playing on that map. xuul has way better maps that could take that spot instead.
2005, 10, 23 22:09

if you want to use one of my maps, don't use that piece of shit technetium. it was a fluke of a decent map I made over a year ago when I had no idea what I was doing. the map really lacks detail (I think it hs like 2 doodads in total XD) and yeah. I dunno, maybe it's not that bad really but I'm so sick of looking at it lol. wtflzxololZOL I think I've had too much sugar and caffeine haha I just drank a two-liter bottle of dr pepper. great soda. you should try it if you haven't lozl

anyway use nightlight or possibly diamond valley.

sucks with nightlight though how bill didn't include my updates in the blizzcon version and how I can't really make another update myself because the blizzcon maps are kind of hacked. maybe I'll just go from an older version or something and do it how I want. yeah I think I will in fact. sweet. awesome. fuck it's sunday I have school tomorrow that sucks pretty bad now doesn't it? damn
2005, 10, 23 22:15
oh yeah and I totally agree with the thing about making it only a small number of elite maps. we should pick an exact number - like 15 or 20 - that bwmn as a community should focus on most.
2005, 10, 23 22:19
funny idea... actually i took a look at the whole DB last weekend to pick out the best and i have at least 50 maps from this first selection, which seem to be rly nice

when i have time again, i make another selection to reduce them to 30 or sth while taking care that each mapper being active is represented :)

maybe i can host a tourney next saturday at didnt speak with headadmin yet, but if no other tourney admins takes initiative i think we have good chances to make such a tourney

are u interested in such a tourney ?
2005, 10, 24 17:34
ehm... not coming saturday, but the one afterwards.. at november ^^
2005, 10, 24 17:35
sure why not. every publicity we get is nice
2005, 10, 24 18:06
I don't think we are going to turn it back now... recommended maps will be 50-100 probably, and that's ok if the qualitity is still given. No need to pick maps randomly out of this pack of qualitiy maps. Of course it is still too much for any type of league/ladder or w/e, but we can maybe have another section for the very very best maps later..
2005, 10, 24 19:59
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