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Learning The Ropes
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Hi all! After listening to Freakling, NegativeZero, and Superouman on the Pylon Show, my brother and I challenged eachother to a map making contest... and we've bitten off more than we can chew. Finding SCMDraft was not a problem, messing around in it was pretty straight forward. Making an actual, working map? It quickly gets very confusing and that isn't helped by all the 10 year old information that doesn't seem to work anymore. Where can I really learn to use the software?
modified by Thief
2020, 08, 10 02:14
The first problem I haven't been able to figure out is placing neutral buildings. I've got stasis tanks blocking a path in the middle of my map, placed by player 12, that don't spawn. I read the article about neutral buildings (options>snap to grid> place sprite) but after following the steps the sprites don't even place.

EDIT: So, I feel pretty foolish now... I was defintely placing those crashed norads.

modified by Thief
2020, 08, 10 02:18
You figured it out?
2020, 08, 11 02:29
Yes, I did, thank you :) The article is concise in direction and I got impatient I guess... Now my map is ready for the ladder!
2020, 08, 13 08:10
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