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Ok, i just wanted to sum up where "we" all had succuess in promoting and what steps we should take in the future, to be even more recognized and successfull.

MotW @ (we could do this maybe?)
MotW tour @
Winners @ BlizzCon
Mappack @ Funtournament of a guy
(4)Arena @ BWCL (lost poll, at least they tried)
(4)Arena @ Americups - GGL
E-Mail @ (

* Also i wrote an E-Mail to - a german gamers TV channel - which has the Gigaleague for BW. I told them what we do and if they want to cooperate somehow, or just take a map of ours in the next leagues and stuff. We will see what they answer, i keep you up to date.
2005, 11, 09 17:52
Götterdämmerung in EPS
2005, 11, 09 17:56
true, knew i missed something blue ^^
2005, 11, 09 18:02
I can't watch Giga anymore, as "Das Vierte" has taken it's place on the program list :(

2005, 11, 09 20:22
Of course.
2005, 11, 09 20:24
kaiber in pgt
2005, 11, 09 20:31
Yeah, i am heading for WORLD DOMINATION! :DDD
2005, 11, 09 20:34
I still get GIGA, they hold their broadcasting place, it's just another logo and thus another channel apart their programm.
2005, 11, 09 21:13
arena, comet (and enmity) in PGT 6 :)
2005, 12, 24 01:11
team work will always OWN..

I still do not understand why some good makers out there prefer to pretend they are too "gosu" for or prefer to server their own agenda instead of helping out..

But it it time, they will be all wanting to be featured as a map sooner or later..
2005, 12, 24 19:32
Except for Bill307 I see no "good" mappers not active here. And this is because of the starparty - bill rivalry afaik.
2005, 12, 25 00:13
Well, you can count Mora, although I don't think he is too active in map making at the moment. Nevermind. T_T
2005, 12, 25 00:18
i wouldnt say its a rivalry. we are not fighting over the same thing really.. We have had different opinions about some things and i really thoguth he acted bad at first when AC2 started. But now he managed to put both arena and comet in pgt6 so id say that, for me, he has repaired that. Though it might seem very different when i write, i try to separate person from action. I thought bill acted bad back then, but i was angry on his actions, not him - i dont know him. So if you do something good you can often compensate for the bad actions in my view.

For example im not angry with xuul anymore just because i thought he behaved badly at first. I would see bill as a good asset to this site and i wouldn't exactly whine about stuff he compensated me big time for.
2005, 12, 25 00:50
Wait a sec... Is Arena picked for the gosu gameplay and look, or for the "old times"? Or i think it's both. Whatever it is, i don't think that Bill can help bwmn in PGTour, unless bwmn becomes more populer for the public, and people start talking about bwmn, as,, pgtour etc...
2005, 12, 25 01:04
Next we should team up with google to take over the world.
2005, 12, 26 17:26
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